Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lace Cameo

I picked pretty much the worst time to start a photo blog. Spring semester started last week and now I don't have much time to take outfit shots! It looks like I'll only be able to take them about twice a week. Fail. :\

I don't know if it's because Valentine's Day is coming up or not, but I have been really inspired by lace, pearls and romantic styles in general lately. I love pale, soft colors like the color of the tutu skirt I'm wearing here. I need to get more lace into my wardrobe! It is my newest fashion mission.


Tights-No Boundaries

Shoes-Apt. 9


Necklace-Forever 21

I got these tights for $4!...$4!!! I went searching for lace tights at Walmart and came home with this lovely pair. It was a pretty good day.

I haven't worn this shirt since high school. I went through one of my drawers the other day and found a bunch of tops that I never really wear anymore and decided that I should start wearing them!
I rarely wear this necklace. I find that it only works well with a limited number of outfits. I looove cameo pieces though. Here are some detail shots of the necklace as well as the headband:

I did find time to do some shopping today! My boyfriend and I headed to the mall. I got a new dress and sunglasses from Forever 21 and a new cropped blazer from H&M which was on sale for $15. I love end-of-season deals. :)


  1. You look lovely. I especially love your tights, necklace and headband!

  2. it seems you're layering tights, doesn't it???

  3. It kind of does! But they're just one pair. :)

  4. Ive updated my post on http://fashionmylegs.blogspot.com/ and linked to you. Good luck with the new blog !!!!
    Keep wearing the tights.

    Oringina xoxoxo

  5. I love the outfit.. those tights are amazing!!

  6. Love that skirt!! Soo cute!

  7. Great find with the tights, they are so so adorable! I love your jewelry and headband too! so cute!