Thursday, February 4, 2010

My eBay addiction continues...

As you know, I got a new dress from Forever 21 the other day, but what I forgot to mention is that I won a very cute vintage 50's dress on eBay. I got it in the mail yesterday and it was very exciting. I ran from the mailbox back into my house with glee. I love it and all its gingham and pocketed goodness. It's the perfect picnic dress. I took some pictures in it today (and froze my butt off while doing so!):

[Tiara wanted to pose too!]

Dress-Vintage and tagless
Sweater-Take Out



Sunglasses-Forever 21

I tried out a couple of variations of accessories and really liked the way this hat (which is made of 100% paper) looks with the dress. I've had it since I was a kid!

I love the little tie at the neck. It's such an adorable touch.

I wasn't sure what color tights I could wear with this so I just went with none. As much as I adore tights, I can't wait until I can actually go out in dresses without them. I just popped outside quick to take these and I ended up freezing. It probably wasn't the best thing considering I have a cold. :\ I'm hoping for an early spring despite what that rascally groundhog predicted!

Tonight I invited my best friend Meaghan over for tea and cookies. I broke out my fancy tea cups and tea set for the occasion. We both get busy with school and work and whatnot so it's always nice when we get to get together to catch up. I am a tea fanatic and have about 10 different flavors of tea in my cabinet. Meaghan actually got me a variety pack of tea for Christmas along with a snowman mug! She knows me well. :) I'm always looking for more flavors to try so if you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to let me know!

[Mmm, English Teatime tea]

[Missing: Chinese Oolong and Lipton]

Brittany from Finders Keepers direct-messaged me on Twitter today just to say hello and to introduce herself. She told me she loves my style! She is so sweet. :) She has amazing style so you should definitely check out her blog!
While I'm mentioning fellow bloggers, I'd like to thank Tieka from Selective Potential for helping me out and giving me advice about blog layouts. She is a doll who also has fantastic style!

I am so glad that I discovered the world of fashion blogging. There are so many wonderful people out there who share the same love of fashion! It's nice to connect with other people who like to play dress up as much as I do. :)


  1. Hey I love all the adorable outfits you post on chictopia so I thought Id come by your blog :)

    PS the doggie is cute!

  2. im definitely loving your blog!! im quite new myself and it's nice to be able to discover it like you! :D

    great outfit, btw! you totally look darling in that dress! :D and those are some cool teas!!! :D

  3. I absolutely love this dress. Gingham= awesome, especially when it's not huge and voluminous.. those seem to be the only ones I find thrifting :) The shape of this fits you perfectly though! And I love your tea china.. just what I'm looking for right now!

    Thanks for the shout out, too! You are adorable and I am so happy that you started this blog! So excited for you & can't wait to see everything that develops from this!

  4. Thank you both so much! I'm excited for this blog! :)

  5. That dress is amazing! I want to steal it from you! :)

  6. that vintage dress you won on ebay is absolutely amazing! i love the little tie near the neck and you look so lovely in it. :)
    have fun at your little tea party. i haven't had one in so long and i sure could use some tea and finger sandwiches :P

  7. I love this whole look! The dress is beautiful and I love the specs!

  8. Love this dress!! great pics! :) xo

  9. What a great Ebay find, I love how the square pockets stick out a little bit. You look cute!

  10. The dress is adooorable! You look ready to go to a picnic indeed! very cute pics as well!