Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good Day for Twirling

It was about 75/80 degrees here yesterday, and in the low 70's today. Beautiful days just make me so much happier. I just feel like I did.

I got dizzy for a few seconds, but then I was good. This is how I've been feeling I just want to twirl and leap and dance in the sun all day. I can't wait until summer vacation. I'll have more time to update here and to keep up with things in the blogger-universe. I hate being behind in blog-reading and updating. :\ Hopefully this summer isn't as rainy as last year's. A sunshower here and there is okay though, as long as there's a rainbow. I still run outside shouting with glee when I see one.

I love the skirt of this dress. It has eyelet detail on each tier. :) I won it on eBay, as I do most of my vintage dresses. It's so obviously from the 50's and I love that. It's perfect for the summer.

Dress: Fancy Free, vintage
Shoes: Payless
Belt: Thrifted

Hat: Urban Outfitters

I feel like a spy or a detective when I wear this hat. I don't wear it often because I feel like I can't pull it off with just any old outfit. I found it in the clearance section of Urban Outfitters for $10 while I was shopping with Nadia a couple of months ago. By the way, Nadia now has a fashion blog! You can check it out by following the link on her name. I'm so excited to have a fashion blogger friend IRL. Expect many photoshoots this summer. :)

I had to pick a topic to give a persuasive speech on for my communications class. I always hated having to write papers or give speeches about something I am not interested in so I am glad that the professor of this class allows us to pick whatever topic we want. I decided to talk about why people should shop vintage/thift. I'm actually kind of excited about creating the Power Point and telling my class all about the awesomeness that is vintage shopping. I hate giving speeches/public speaking so it is a big deal for me that I am enthused. I get to talk about one of my favorite things to do and I get credit for it, so I'm giddy. :)

I got tired after all that twirling...

Chris unexpectedly came home last weekend so I got to spend a few days with him! :) This is what we do with our time:

Yes, he pushed me around on a cart in Ikea (hence the terrible lighting). I haven't had fun like that in a long time. I think we made people's day with our merriment, although some people just thought we were crazy. Nevertheless, I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

We also went to the park!


[Taken by Chris]

When I first got those sunglasses, I said that they sort of make everything look like a picture from the 60's/70's. Now that Chris was clever enough to think of putting the lens in front of my camera, you can see how they make everything look!

[Without glasses]

[With glasses]

I love the tint! I like wearing them and pretending I'm in the past. :)


  1. I have such a headache. And no it's not from your blog! I just have had one for a couple of hours now. I need to actually start blogging sometime soon...that is when i have things i want to talk about. School mostly takes me away from any interactions I could have. tinted glasses lens...genius if I don't say so myself :)

  2. YES we will definately have photoshoots in the summer! <3 Lovely pictures hun! And thanks for mentioning meeee! =)

  3. I love your dress too! I actually hope summer here is a bit rainier...last summer we had over a month long of 100 degrees and up days! It was ridiculous!

  4. Hey, I was just letting you know that I'm tagging you in my "Looks I Love" Sunday post! Hope it's okay :]

  5. YAY!!! I'm so happy that you followed me because it means I can be unlazy and follow you in the blogging world (which I've been meaning to do for SO long!). eeee!!

    Really. So excited.
    Cute dress (I commented about it on chictopia already :) ). And I lovelovelove the pictures of you and your bf (?) in ikea. You both look so happy and youthful and free. It's a breath of fresh air to be honest :)

    Thankk you for following my blog and I look forward to reading alll your posts now! :)


  6. It's probably (note: definitely) because I'm currently obsessed with Pushing Daisies, but I instantly thought "Chuck!" when I saw your outfit (an example is here if you want to see: You resemble her so much with your long brown hair and sweet yellow dress-- I've been looking for a dress like that, but to no avail!

    All in all, very lovely photos and can't wait to hear how the speech turns out. :)

    Toast with Charmalade

  7. what a beautiful post. I love the dress and the pictures of you two.

  8. Sara, I love your yellow dress from Ebay. So glad you were able to win that one, it's gorgeous on you.. And it sounds like you've got a good topic for your speech. It always helps if it's something your passionate about!

    Pretty purple flowers on your dress, pretty boy, pretty sunnies, and pretty silly kids you two are! :)

  9. Oh man. I'm blushing over here. Alright, guess I'll start blogging. You all win..except for having to type in MORE words before being able to comment. not a fun thing

  10. Cute twirling pics!

  11. This entire post is so darn CUTE. I especially love the glasses over the camera and the addition of the hat with your dress.

  12. Hey dearrrr :)

    Commenting you again to let you know I left you a blog award in my latest post :) check it out :)!

  13. Suuuch a pretty dress. Perfect for twirling.. and spring sunshine! :)

  14. your dress is so adorable! looks so fun spinning around out in the park!


  15. great dress! you look beautiful!

  16. This yellow dress looks absolutely stunning on you!! so cute!