Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Impromptu Beach Photoshoot

It was a beautiful day on Friday, so Chris and I grabbed our Nerf swords and headed out to the beach to sword fight like the giant kids we are. Although we have the mentality of children, we don't really have the never-ending amount of energy that kids do, so we ended up getting tired and sitting in the sand together. Once I whipped my camera out, it turned into an impromptu photoshoot. :)

[Chris positioned his special eyes in this picture]


We ventured over to this pavilion-type structure and took some pictures there.

He thought it'd be cool to do silhouette shots, so we attempted it. I fell in the process of jumping up and down for these shots. Oh, the things we do for pictures.

[This makes me think of Spiderman. lol]

He took some outfit shots of me too! This is a somewhat daring outfit for me. I would have never worn something like this a couple of years ago. I have grown a little less self conscious and have been stepping out of my comfort zone a lot lately in regards to fashion choices. I am glad I wore this though because it was the perfect beach outfit. It's simple and perfect for really warm days.

Shirt: Girl Krazy
Shorts: No Excuses, thrifted

Shoes: Payless
Sunglasses: H&M

This is another of the pairs of shorts that I got from Goodwill. I got teased for wearing such high-waisted shorts by a couple of my guy friends, but they're silly boys who just don't know what's in fashion. :P
From the pavilion, we moved onto the lighthouse and Chris took over the camera for the most part. He used his sunglasses to take the first picture. It came out all eerie looking which we both found neat.

I love lighthouses. They're so pretty and there is some sort of romantic and saving quality about them that I really admire.

This next picture is one of Chris's favorites, and one of mine too. For a while, he was just taking pictures while lying down on the ground and the angle worked really well.

We decided to take more silhouette pictures. First we took some of each other...

[I'm pretty sure he was still on the ground for these]

...then we found a place to rest the camera on so we could both be in the pictures. We each kept running back and forth between the camera and the spot where we were standing to reposition things and check how the pictures were coming out. I've never done the whole photoshoot thing with someone else before. I am glad that I found a boy who enjoys this. :)

That last one is my favorite of us. :)


  1. these pictures are simply adorable, especially the last few. you two make a beautiful couple :)

    and i've definitely stepped out of my comfort zone as well when it comes to what i wear. loving your beach outfit.


    I love these pictures!!!

    You look amazing andI love those high waisted shorts. You're right, boys have no idea what they're talking about ;)

    The last few with your darling are gorgeous. it reminds me so much of me and my boyfriend! he loves photoshoots- it's so cute :)

  3. Such pretty photos and I love the high waisted shorts!

  4. aww such cute pics! can you two get any cuter??

    don't mind me asking, did you use a tripod for these shots?


  5. You look like a little 50s pinup!

    I am so glad that you found happiness again :)

  6. That shirt is so nice!! I love the last shot best.

  7. aawww my heart is melting seeing those last 4 pictures!!! so sweet and romantic!!! :D i love spontaneous getaways with my boy too! :D

    you look so happy and of course chic in that summer outfit! :D

  8. Aw these are so fricken cute lady! I love that last one! Oh, and your shorts are quite amazing too :]

  9. such cute photos. love the outfit. glad you have the confidence to wear it because you look good in it.

  10. what an inspiring outfit. the shirt is the best! perfect muted colors and i love the little knot tie. very 50's beach girl! i wish i could make an impromptu beach trip.

  11. Awe. You both are too cute. There are some really beautiful shots here too. I haven't managed anything this good in my impromptu photo shoot trials. Definite inspiration.

  12. That last picture is insanely adorable, as are the shorts. Don't listen to boys...except Chris I suppose, he apparently makes you quite happy. :)

  13. BE-A-UTIFUL beach pictures! The last one is my favorite too, so cute ;)