Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Lately, I've been in desperate need of "me" time. I've spent the entire summer hanging out with friends and now I just need to recharge. Not that I don't like hanging out with my friends. I just haven't been taking myself out or going on adventures alone. It's always more fun with someone, but sometimes there's just not anyone I want to be with that day. Sometimes I just feel like being alone.
So...on Friday I took the drive to this really awesome vintage store that's about a half hour away. There were tons of cute dresses, but none fit or looked right on me. On the plus side, I got to drive up my favorite highway. I love that part of the highway because it goes through all the cute little beach towns.

On my way home, I stopped at one of my favorite places that I have ever been to. It's this little area at the beginning of a hiking trail where there is a tree swing!

I adore it so much. It's really peaceful to sit there and swing, especially on a warm summer day when the weather is just right-not too hot or humid. It overlooks the water too! Although, there are some bushes in the way. But there's a little path that leads down to the water where there are rocks to sit on.

I felt so content with just being able to swing and be alone with my thoughts. It was refreshing. it really helps with rearranging all the clutter in my brain. I never really realize how much I love going out by myself sometimes until I actually do it. I took myself out to lunch to my favorite diner after work on Monday too! :)

I've been slacking on the outfit posts. I actually tried to take some while I was there, but I had no place to put the camera where I could get a good shot (I don't have a tripod). Hopefully Chris will be so kind as to take some for me while he's home for his break. :)


  1. I don't have a tripod either! I totally hear what you're sayin though. Me time is as crucial as socializing!

  2. I have been using a tripod for 5 years and it does wonders for me. . . very helpful. I only got a remote this year and used to just run back and forth all the time. also useful! I love the swing photos. what a beautiful place!

  3. I don't have a tripod either and I desperately want birthdays coming soon so maybe my man will take a hint!

  4. what a cute blog!

    Of course I had to follow you! :D

    follow me too yeah?

  5. Haha, "swing the day away", literally! Love the pics, you look so adorable!


  6. sometimes it's so refreshing to be alone :)

  7. Aww, you're so pretty. I mean it :)
    And the place looks perfect. I love swinging in a swing (!?) Heehee <3
    You're lucky to have a nice, quiet escape like that.

    -Gayle from

  8. I'm glad you took some time for yourself to recharge! I know the feeling, I enjoy being by myself sometimes too :)