Thursday, September 30, 2010

You and Me, Under The Apple Tree

I should be doing homework right now, but I am a notorious procrastinator so alas! Here I am!

Chris and I went apple picking two weekends ago before he went back to Boston. I love going apple picking: A. Because I love apples. B. Because it's such an autumny thing to do. C. Apple orchards are just so cute and country-esque. They're so pretty and peaceful...if there's not too many people at the orchard that day. There's something exciting about picking fruit right off a tree. It's such a simple little pleasure. When I have my own house someday, I want to plant an apple tree in my yard...or possibly have a lot of land and have my own tiny apple orchard. :) They make me think of simpler times.

We picked so many apples! I plan to make a pie which is exciting because apple pie is my favorite pie. Actually, it's pretty much the only pie I'll eat. I'm definitely more of a cake person.

We found a baby apple that is sitting on my dresser at this very moment. It's so small and cute! I want to preserve it forever, but I can only find information on how to preserve cut apples. :\

We used the good ol' self timer and took a couple of pictures under one of the apple trees. The title of this entry is a lyric from one of my all-time favorite songs. Chris knew this and suggested we take some pictures together under an apple tree. He's a keeper. :)

[Nom nom nom.]

Along with our apples, we each got a little bottle of apple cider. They make it with the fresh apples and it's the best cider I've ever had. I wish I bought a bigger bottle! Sarah wants to go apple picking and Meaghan and I have been going every year for the past couple of years now, so hopefully I'll be going back very soon!


  1. i love apple picking!! can't wait to go :) i have very happy memories of my best friend's apple orchard when i was in high school--it was across the road from her house and we always used to run around in it at night. good times :) apples-off-the-tree always just taste better. you two are an adorable couple!

  2. I love the picture. I can see that you had s much fun :)
    Ohh and your blog is really cool:)

  3. These pictures of you two are seriously silly adorable.

  4. I was browsing through the internet and came upon your blog. The pictures turned out really, really good. I am thinking of getting a new camera for myself, what type of camera did you use to take these pictures?

  5. I used my Leica D-LUX 4 to take these, but I also have a Canon Powershot SD1100 that I use sometimes that takes pretty good pictures.
    Thank you for reading! :)

  6. Oh my goodness gracious!! I recently found your blog and I have to say: I am very, very heartbroken! :'( Why did you stop posting?

    The other night I scrolled through all your posts admiring all your lovely pictures. It was so fun. Your outfits are all adorable and you have a lovely photography style. <3

    Please, if you have at all been considering coming back to the blogging world please do! I would so love to have many more lovely posts like these to read. <3

    ~ Katie

  7. I wish apples grew here is Florida. You took beautiful pictures! The apples look so delicious!

  8. Wow! Where have you been? I totally adore your fashion sense! Oh!!! Fresh picked apples are to die for!!! :-)

  9. That looks like so much fun! Great Blog.

  10. These are lovely pictures!! I can't wait to go apple-picking in winter this year!

    The second last pic is adorable!

    x Aliya

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