Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Berry Fields and Kite Fails

This past weekend, I went up to an orchard that sells hanging strawberry plants to buy one for my mom for Mother's Day. These pictures aren't from that orchard, but from a berry orchard that was nearby and unfortunately closed. Berry season doesn't really start til June, and you can bet that I will be out picking them when it's time!

The particular area we were in was abundant with orchards and farms, which is exactly the kind of setting I love to be surrounded by. I love the scenery, environment, and atmosphere of it all. It's just so welcoming and neighborly.

Shirt: Mudd
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Rialto Comfort
Sunglasses: H&M

[I love this picture!]

Since it was such a gorgeous and incredibly warm day (75 degrees!), we decided to head to the beach to try to fly the Spongebob kite we had bought. It was my first time ever flying a kite!

We had a little trouble trying to get it to fly. Chris was getting really frustrated to the point where it was a little amusing. Whenever we'd get it in the air, it would always fall down after a few seconds. But hey...we got it at Walmart for about $2, so what do you expect? I still had fun running around in the sand, trying to get it up in the air.

[Sad kite times]

On a side-note...I just discovered the ASOS Marketplace TODAY. How have I been missing out on such awesomeness?! I've been a fan of ASOS for a while now and I had no idea they had a marketplace for used stuff. Amazing! I'll have to scour it for fun vintage finds later. :)

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