Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ketchup and Mustard

I wore this over the weekend to my friend's Memorial Day party. I had gone into TJ Maxx on a whim one night last week and came across this dress. I instantly fell in love, of couse, because of the shape and the polka-dots. I've also been really into yellow, lately. Actually, I've probably said this before, but I've really been into the whole mixing of primary colors. I've been having fun doing it a lot lately. I just love the way it looks. It's bold and a little different.

Dress: Sans Souchi
Shoes: Thrifted from Savers

It's been a long time since I've taken outfits photos in my yard. I used to do all of them there! I just didn't have time this weekend to go out for a photoshoot, so I took a few quick pictures in the yard. Ahh, memories.

It's been pretty humid here. We've been getting lots of random bouts of rain and thunderstorms. We had a really awesome one Sunday night. My friend and I ended up going to the beach in the middle of it to watch the lightning. We ended up getting wet until we took cover under an awning. I love watching and listening to the rain. It's really soothing and beautiful, in a way. I'm usually not one to praise rain, but I do love it on certain occasions. It's when it ruins my outdoor plans that I hate it! I especially love the rain in the summer when it's hot out and the rain is nice and refreshing. I love sun-showers and always get excited when a rainbow appears. It's just one of those simple pleasures that will never get old. :)

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