Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Simple Summer Outfit

When it's in the 80s and 90s day after day and you just want to stay cool, there's nothing better than a simple lightweight dress. That is my usual daily go-to outfit for summer. I could wear a dress every day all year long, but living in New England, it unfortunately can't happen. So when spring/summer comes, I take advantage of the warmth and sunshine and wear dresses as much as I can!

[I love silhouette shots]

This spot is a good place to come and think. It's this little field that sort of juts out into the water. You have to hike down a short path to get to it and it's off the main path, so it's somewhat secluded. Ever since I discovered it, it's always been one of my favorite spots. It's relatively quiet and calm, with the exception of the occasional boat that comes by. I know I've said it before, but I really love living on the coast. I don't think I could ever live too far from the water.

[Dress: H&M, thrifted from Goodwill
Shoes: H&M]
I got this dress at one of the local Goodwill stores on a recent thrifting spree. It's an H&M dress that I actually considered buying new when it was in stores, but I had passed on it because I already had the same dress in a different pattern. But since I found it in Goodwill, it was just my size, and it was only $4.99, I bought it! Thank you, Lords of the Thrift!

Chris and I went to the drive-in last night and saw the new Spiderman movie. It was awesome! It was my first time at a drive-in and I've been wanting to go to one since I was 17, so I was excited. It rained, so it wasn't the ideal night to go, especially for the first time, but it's a pretty far drive and we had already committed to going yesterday. I had to keep turning the car on and swiping the windshield wipers...lol. It finally let up a little towards the end of the movie. That's one thing crossed off my Summer To-Do List!

There were a lot of antique shops in the area, so we checked a few of them out. I ended up getting the type of picnic basket I've been wanting for forever. It's a wicker one with the double flaps. They are surprisingly hard to find, but I finally found one and it was only $14! I almost overlooked it too, but then it caught my eye at the last second. The antique/thrifting luck must be in my favor, lately (knock on wood)! I'll have to post a picture soon. Don't be surprised if you spot it in one of my next photoshoots!

I'm hoping to go to a sunflower farm soon, so that'll be another thing crossed off my list for the summer. I'm also trying to figure out where I'm going to plant a sunflower. I've come to the conclusion that I'm probably going to have to pot it since our soil isn't that great where our yard gets full sun. I kind of like the idea of having it in a pot, though. I don't have much of a green thumb, so wish me luck on actually getting the thing to grow! ;)


  1. I've never been to a drive in and it makes me a wee bit sad. I'll need to fix that soon. Also... a sunflower farm?! That's probably all kinds of gorgeous. Finally, your dress looks like the perfect summer dress!

    1. It's so gorgeous! I've been there once before. I can't wait to go back! And thank you for the kind words! :) You should find a drive-in near you. It was so neat!

  2. Your floral dress looks soooo cute on you! And the drive through movie sounds like so much fun! I wish Panama had something like that. Sorry it rained though :(


    1. Thank you! Even with the rain, it was still so cool! I'm sorry that you don't have any there. :(