Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Carny Realizations

I've gone to a couple of carnivals over the past week or two, which takes care of that task on my summer to-do list. I love carnivals because I love how they've been around forever. Generations and generations of people have experienced the same rides, fun houses, treats, and atmosphere. It's kinda neat when you think about it. I love seeing vintage photos taken at carnivals and fairs. I love the bright lights, the tempting smell of fried dough and popcorn mingling with the summer air, and I love ferris wheels. I didn't get to go on one, though.

I realized two things after attending carnivals this year: 1. No matter how advanced technology is, a carnival is still cash only. And 2. I enjoy autumn fairs and festivals way more than summer ones. I feel like autumn festivals are larger and have more to offer. They also almost always have apple and pumpkin treats to offer, which are the best kinds of treats in my book.

There are a few fairs and festivals that I'm already looking forward to attending in the fall. I got my summer carnival fix, so I think I'll be holding out for the season of harvest.