Saturday, November 17, 2012

Clearwater Beach

I have been to Florida so many times, but it was always the same area and the same attractions. This time, I wanted to see some new areas of Florida! I have never been to a beach in Florida, or if I have then it was when I was too little to remember. When scouting for a Floridian beach, I decided it'd be cool to visit one on the West coast so that I could put my feet in the Gulf of Mexico! Clearwater Beach is a little less than two hours away from the Orlando area and I had heard it was really nice, so we decided to go there.

The weather was cloudy throughout our entire vacation. Our beach day was mostly cloudy, but it was still around 80 degrees, so we were able to wear our swimsuits. The water was too cold to swim in, but we put our feet in and walked around in it a bit. The water was so much clearer than the water back home, and the sand was perfectly white and so soft. I wondered if it was even real! I won't even go in the water back home because it creeps me out when I can't see what's under it.

We didn't spend too long at the beach.  Neither of us are beach people who enjoy spending hours laying around soaking up the sun. Plus, we were planning on visiting a zoo in Tampa afterwards (more about that in my next post!). But Clearwater was definitely enjoyable and I loved all the little beach shops and restaurants surrounding it! There were also lots of palm trees, which I really love. :)

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