Monday, November 5, 2012

Orange Leopard

The weekend before the hurricane, I decided it was time to finally go on a fall foliage drive. I figured we'd better go before the wind blows all the leaves away and before everything was past peak. Chris and I drove to the northern part of the state where there's a lot of quaint little towns with book shops and antique stores. Unfortunately, the leaves weren't too impressive. I think it may have been due to how cloudy and overcast it was. Nevertheless, we still had a nice day. We strolled down a cute little shopping strip and got tea and chocolates. We also got some free pumpkins from one of the shops that were giving away the smaller ones. :)

Shirt: Forever 21//Sweater: Take Out//Shorts: Forever 21//Tights: Apt. 9//Shoes: Mudd//Jacket: H&M
I thought I'd be a little festive for the pre-Halloween weekend and wear some Halloween colors. I also thought it'd be appropriate to wear my leopard print tights as a sort of nod to my costume. I really can't get enough leopard, lately. I liked these tights because they're not too wild (pun intended). I like that they're all black instead of classic leopard print colors. It's more subdued...well, as subdued as leopard print can be.

I've been wearing this leather jacket a lot. I'm sorry that you all have to keep seeing it. You might not see it for a while though because it's too cold to wear just the leather jacket, and it's too bulky to wear under another coat. I think I may have to pack it away until the spring. :\ The temperatures seem to have dropped so suddenly and it's pretty brisk out every day now. Good thing I'll be in Florida tomorrow! :)

It's going to be weird to not be wearing and posting fun fall outfits in the middle of November. It's supposed to be in the 70s for pretty much the whole time that I'll be down in Florida, so I'll be looking quite summery in my next few posts! I'll sort of miss layering with tights, cardigans, and all that fun stuff, but I suppose I'll have all of winter to do that.

I'm a little sad to leave autumn behind, but I chose November because it's kind of past the peak of autumn and more towards the start of winter. Winter is my least favorite season. I can't stand the cold! Once Christmas is over, I'm pretty much done with the season and am counting down the days until spring. But for now, I'll be counting down the hours until sweet warmth and sunshine. :)


  1. i've been excited to get to florida and leave behidn the cjakets and tights because the pretty part of fall is gone here. these are the perfect fall images with your blouse and those AWESOME tights.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  2. love your legs soo sexy