Thursday, January 31, 2013

Quick Pics

This is it. The final week for me to gather all my application materials and submit them to the grad schools.  I'm so happy to say that I've applied to two of the three schools that I had planned on! I can't say it's necessarily been easy. The hardest and most stressful part is writing my personal statements. When it comes to writing academically or professionally, I can tend to be somewhat of a perfectionist. I strive to find the perfect words and to state things the right way (The nerd in me secretly finds this fun). I'm pretty satisfied with what I have. It's the result of many late nights and large mugs of tea. It may not be the most ideal time, but it's the only time that I've ever found to be the best time for me to be able to focus and write. It's been that way since high school and if something works, then you gotta just go with it, right?

[An extra shot of that crazy fog we had]
[Lemon-lime lolly!]
Once all the school stuff is squared away, I can start focusing on more laid-back things like baking, planning trips, and figuring out Valentine's Day stuff. I have no idea what to get Chris. All I know is that we're going out for hibachi that night and I can't wait!

[Ninja kitty!]
[Rediscovering books that I bought but never read]
Our anniversary is in March and we're in the middle of planning a trip to Pennsylvania. Neither of us have never been to Philadelphia, Hershey, Amish Country, or Gettysburg so we're going to try to cram them all into one weekend excursion! I'm also going to Florida in March with my parents. I keep thinking about outfits that I want to wear, but it's hard to narrow it down to only what I need for each one. I like options! What if I think of an outfit while I'm there, but don't have the clothes with me? These are the things that plague my mind...

[Having fun with layers]
[An original t-shirt designed by Chris especially for me. It was a gift last year! :)]
This weekend we're celebrating my cousin's birthday. I'm making her a cake! I'm sure you'll be seeing it on here sometime next week. :) 


  1. You are so pretty - and that lolly looks so yummy!

    Have the loveliest day,