Thursday, March 7, 2013

We're Goin' Downtown

On Tuesday, we ventured to Downtown Disney to do some shopping. I also attempted for the fourth time to ride in the hot air balloon that they have, but I was once again thwarted by high winds. I plan to call every day for the rest of the time we're here to find out when it's running so I can finally go up in it.




We ate at T-Rex, which is a dinosaur-themed restaurant. It's pretty neat because they have different themed seating areas such as underwater, ice, and forest. There's also a "meteor shower" every 20 minutes. If you've ever been to Rainforest Cafe, it's sort of like that except with dinosaurs and wooly mammoths. We were seated in the underwater section, which was really pretty!



My favorite store at Downtown Disney is World of Disney, which is pretty much like a giant gift store full of all things Disney. Did I say Disney enough in that sentence? I usually don't find anything that is either reasonably priced or that I would get a lot of use of, but this time I found this really cute Minnie Mouse ring! It's just her red and white polka-dotted bow and I knew when I saw it that it was a must buy. One thing I love about Minnie is her signature red and white polka-dotted dress and bow. It's just so classic!





Of course, I had to go to the Ghirardelli store. When you walk by it, you can smell the deliciousness wafting out and it's very hard to say no to wandering in there. It's especially hard when you know that they give out free samples of their chocolate squares. This time they were giving out caramel ones!



We went to the mall that night to do some more shopping and then to an outlet center yesterday for even MORE shopping. I got a couple of fun things from Forever 21 and American Eagle. I also got the best top ever from somewhere kinda unexpected: Tommy Hilfiger. It has little giraffes all over it and I knew the second I saw it that I had to have it. Unfortunately, they didn't have my size so we had to drive about 20 minutes to the other outlet center where they did have my size so I could get it. It's that good of a shirt. I was so excited. I can't wait to style it!

Top: Lauren Conrad//Shorts: Vintage//Belt: Forever 21//Shoes: Rialto//Bag: Forever 21//Sunglasses: H&M


  1. EE!!! I miss Disney! I LOVE the Ghiradelli shop - the salted caramel hot cocoa is to die for. And I love T-Rex, we've been there like 4 or 5 times now. I always get sat where you took the last photo at next to the Triceratops I SWEAR! I got sat under that giant jellyfish though once when we had 5 and it was so awesome - the underwater part is my favorite! And sounds like you had some good outlet finds - I barely found anything when I went. And your shorts! I still love them and envy them, so cute on you.

  2. What a bunch of gorgeous photos!!! I think my boys would love the dinosaur restaurant!