Monday, September 23, 2013

Downtown Mystic

Autumn is fast approaching (today was the official first day!) and I've long said goodbye to bare legs. I've been wearing tights and boots and whatnot even though it still reaches into the low 70s because I'm just too excited for fall. Yesterday I wore a flannel and boots...with tights and socks. But anyway...I still have some summery outfits and posts to catch up on, so here is one from a month ago.





Downtown Mystic holds a special place in my heart. My great uncle used to live in Mystic and he would always have this huge family picnic every summer. His house was within walking distance of the downtown area, so my mom and grandparents and other adults would walk all of us kids down to go window shopping. I remember loving it so much as a kid. The downtown area is full of little shops and so much nautical stuff that I can't even handle it. I mean there was a store just for boat stuff and nautical trinkets. It was so cool. There were stores for seashells, stores for gems, candy stores, ice cream shops, toy stores...just everything you can imagine.





There's this little place near the aquarium called Olde Mistick Village that's a separate shopping center. There was a place that specialized in fancy grilled cheeses that I was dying to try since grilled cheese is one of my favorite things to eat. I got the grilled cheese with roasted artichoke hearts, and it was fantastic. The place is called Bleu Squid and they're also a bakery and cheese shop!






The village also had a general store where they sell salsas, jams, produce, syrup, etc. as well as gifts and home decor. They have it all, pretty much! There was this little lighthouse lamp that I really wanted, but I couldn't justify spending the money on it. :\





Top: Forever 21//Shorts: Forever 21//Necklace: gift from Katie//Shoes: Rialto
This outfit was my go-to outfit for summer. It's so comfortable and breezy. I love the crop top and high-waisted shorts combo. I can't wait to transition that into crop tops with high-waisted pants for the fall!


  1. Those shorts are so super cute! I love a good crop top and high-waisted shorts combo too. It works so perfectly all year round.

  2. such a lovely location ^_^ the grilled cheese looks so yummy and I love the light house lamp! x

  3. Ouu, this place looks so neat! Love your striped shirt here!

  4. Beautiful place! I love your outfit! <3

  5. Awesome pictures! And those cupcakes looks so weirdly delicious!! xxx

  6. What a cool little town, looking at the pictures makes me miss living on the coast, although Seward wasn't quite as sweetly quaint as there. I love your outfit as well, it's nautical with outfit being in your face about it, the red circle skirt is adorable and looks so pretty with the stripped top. Your posts are always so fun to read because of your adventures!