Friday, October 11, 2013

Flannel and Primaries

This was one of the first autumny outfits I put together this season, and it made me so excited and happy. Flannel, boots and socks, tights, and a hat?! I just love the autumn accessories. It gives more opportunities for different color combinations and pattern mixing. You're going to get sick of me expressing my undying and unfaltering love for autumn. Trust me. Autumn can do no wrong. Winter on the other hand... Well, we've always had issues.






In other news, I can't stop consuming pumpkin-flavored things, among other fall treats. I've already had a few pumpkin spice chai lattes and I've already baked a pumpkin dessert (the recipe is coming soon!). I ate a whole bag of candy corn and I've had a couple of Reese's pumpkins. I found a recipe for this pumpkin cream pie that I'd like to try. I might wait until Thanksgiving to make it, though. I still have to make my pumpkin bread too! So much to do! I've already stocked up a bit on canned pumpkin since it tends to always be out of stock when I go to buy it later in the season. I should stock up on more, though, while the supplies last!






Sigh...I wish I could just spend all my time exploring and taking pictures, editing pictures, baking, and blogging. Autumn just makes me want to do it even MORE. How can you resist going outside and being surrounded by such beautiful colors? I sure can't. Autumn is the reason I could never move too far south where it doesn't really happen there. North Carolina is probably the furthest I'd go.






That's enough about autumn for now (is that even a sentence one utters?), let's talk about hair. I just dyed my hair a darker brown on Sunday, and I'm super happy with how it looks. I have been contemplating darker hair for months now, and I'm glad I finally did it. I was sort of waiting for autumn to do it. It just seems like the appropriate time to go a little darker, especially around Halloween time! I did a spooky shoot with Sarah and Joey on Sunday where Sarah did our makeup to make us look sort of ghostly and gaunt. I can't wait to share the photos from it with you guys! It was a fun shoot. I love themed shoots every now and then. I'm actually doing a burlesque/pinup one this weekend!





Shirt: Derek Heart (thrifted)//Skirt: H&M//Blazer: H&M//Tights: Unknown//Boots: Xhilaration//Socks: Gold Toe//Hat: Forever 21
Speaking of this weekend...I'm having my birthday party tonight and I can't wait! Luckily a lot of my friends are free and able to go. I can't wait to celebrate with them all! My actual birthday isn't until the 17th, but there's nothing wrong with celebrating a little early, right? ;) Sarah is going to be making me a cake and I can't wait to eat it. I requested something with chocolate and peanut butter. Plus, my mom is making me a pumpkin cake for my actual birthday, so I got all grounds covered on the cake front. Something chocolatey and something autumny. I have a feeling this birthday is going to be a good one. :) Here's to not jinxing myself!


  1. Oh really lovely and cute outfit I love it how your skirt provides really cute curves to your style.

    I want invite you to Join to my MOOTTA Giveaway for win "Innisfree Masks + Anklet"

  2. I absolutely love this outfit, Sara! So, so cute! Alex

  3. The flannel is very cool and those tights look amazing on you. Such a gorgeous lady :)

  4. Autumn is one of the main reasons I want to move farther north! You're absolutely right about it being almost nonexistent here. It's so weird. It all of a sudden is fall-ish for a week and then the leaves all blow off and it's cold-ish until April. Ugh. Fall is the best though. I'm still waiting for it to really get here (as much as it ever does), but I've been enjoying the odd pumpkin-flavored treat.

    Anyway, I love love your fall outfit here. Your boots are awesome and I really like your perfect plaid shirt too. Fall gives you so many ways to layer and mix different colors. It really is the best!

  5. Lovely outfit, you`re a beautifull girl!

  6. Such a cute outfit! And I agree, fall is definitely the best time of the year :)


  7. Oh my. This is so perfect. I hope it's alright if I copy this look, I just love it! Beautiful red plaid shirt and it looks great with the yellow beanie (yay for hat season!). Your hair looks lovely darker, perfect for the colder months. And enjoy your birthday party :)

  8. It is true. Autumn has the mixing of the cold season acessories, and the warm colors, not the grey ones from the Winter. I just love Autumn also!

  9. LOVE this. The skirt is super flattering on you. Also, I want to say that I am so glad to not be the only one who prefers pumpkin spice chai lattes.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  10. LOVE this flannel shirt, and those boots are adorable. And the blazer is too cute! I need to start embracing the fall foods... I've been avoiding them, but it's time to enjoy them again.

    xox Sammi

  11. You look so cute! I've definitely been warming up to flannel for fall.

    Xo, Hannah