Friday, October 18, 2013

Vertical Stripes

My actual birthday was yesterday and it was pretty great! My boss and coworkers surprised me with cake and cupcakes, presents, a birthday tiara, and a birthday pin. My mom made me my favorite dinner and a pumpkin cake and my family all came over to sing Happy Birthday to me. Afterwards I met up with my friends and just hung out. It was a very relaxed birthday since it was my long day at work and I already went crazy with my party and whatnot. Plus, I've been battling a cold. Luckily it seems that I am winning.





I had the day before my birthday off and I was planning on going to look at the foliage in the northern part of the state, but then I got talked into going to Vermont for the day. A few of us went up to see the foliage there which was at peak. It was cloudy all day, so the leaves weren't all vibrant and illuminated, but it was still gorgeous up there. I'd like to go again next year. I'll be doing a full post about the trip soon enough!





Some people think it's dumb or weird to travel all that way to see foliage when we have it here, but it's the adventure that's part of the fun! Just going somewhere new and exploring is enough to make me want to go. I love going new places! Plus, Vermont is known for having some of the best foliage in New England. Tempting, right?




Onesie: Forever 21//Skirt: Forever 21//Belt: Forever 21//Tights: Leg Avenue//Shoes: Mudd
I really like taking pictures in cemeteries. I feel like that's a weird thing to like. I just like it because it's an interesting and thought-evoking landscape and place. It's not like I like it for weird, morbid reasons or anything. I especially like the really old ones where you can barely read the headstones because they're so old. They remind you of just how much history a place has, make me think of simpler times, and wonder what my town was like when it was all just dirt roads. I like the feeling I get when I think about that. Cemeteries are great for shoots too because there's really no one there to stare or make you feel awkward. Although when someone does show up, you feel kinda they're going to think you don't respect the people buried there. It's not true, but you can't help but feel that people will judge you for doing something recreational there or perceive it the wrong way.





This outfit was actually from the beginning of the month. I'm still behind on shoots! Gahhhh. I can't believe October is already more than halfway over. It always makes me sad. I never want it to end! It's nice that it goes out with a bang, though, with Halloween being the last day of the month.





November is pretty alright, except for the end part when it starts to get cold. Thanksgiving is awesome of course, too. November is when all the streets, yards, parks, etc. are carpeted with leaves and it's awesome to walk around and hear the crunch of them under your feet. I love the sound, and I also love the smell of the leaves. It's usually when my dad starts raking. I am not really a fan of raking. And it's not the actual physical act of raking, it's just that I want leaves on my lawn. I think it's pretty and autumny. I will never ever rake. Ever. Unless I am using it to aid in making a leaf pile to jump in, of course.


  1. Your photos came out so cute! I love the leaf jumping ones. Also, I need those tights stat.

  2. Those tights are wonderful, and I love this whole outfit. And these leaf photos are so lovely :)

    xox Sammi

  3. Ooooh, that's a spooky photo-shoot! I'm such a chicken, I don't think i could one on in a graveyard even in the daytime, I get nervous just driving past our neighbor's house at night. (It's not a really spooky house, it just looks spooky to me. I always expect to see some huge, disjointed looking thing on the roof at night.) Happy Belated Birthday by the way, it sounds like a pretty fun day. :)

    Those tights are pretty sexy as well, they look so sassy!

  4. Wow. Simply gorgeous. I have found me a new background for my ipad. Your legs are perfect! Absolutley gorgeous <3.

  5. I love these photos! The graveyard looks so cool!


  6. Happy late birthday!!! I'm so glad you had a relaxed and wonderful birthday filled with cake and tiaras, yippie! And these photos all turned out so cute with the Autumn leaves!