Thursday, November 14, 2013

Inspired by Hogwarts: Ravenclaw

Do you remember when Pottermore first started? It's an interactive website based on the Harry Potter books. It was this big thing to be able to get into the beta version of the site. Once you finally are able to get in, you get to be sorted into one of the Hogwarts houses, based on your answers to some quiz questions. I ended up in Ravenclaw, which is quite alright with me.






Ravenclaw's are known for wit, wisdom, intelligence, creativity and they enjoy learning. I thought it appropriate to be surrounded by books for this shoot. The Ravenclaw colors are blue and silver, although in the book they are blue and bronze. I went with the movie version of their colors since I don't really have any bronze-colored clothing.







I didn't end up buying too many books. I got a couple of vampire stories for my mom, and I got myself Pet Sematary by Stephen King. I had been reading Carrie, and I just finished it the other day. It was very good. I think one of thing that makes books better than movies is the fact that you get to be inside the characters' heads rather than just watching their actions and hearing their dialogue. It's a whole other world to hear the thought processes of characters. It's more detailed and gives you a more rounded view of their personalities. I'm now reading The Haunting of Hill House since I'm on this horror fix lately. Speaking of horror/spookiness...there was this awesome black cat that was super friendly and awesome in the horror section!





Dress: Coincidence & Chance via Urban Outfitters//Blazer: H&M//Tights: Simply Vera by Vera Wang//Shoes: Mudd//Belt: Forever 21
There are many books that I'd love to reread because I feel that when I first read a book, I read too fast because I want to know what's going to happen. I tend to forget some of the details after a while and then I'm left feeling like there are holes in the story for me. I'd love to reread the Harry Potter series. There have been times where I'd pick one of the books to start re-reading, but I'd like to just start from the beginning and go to the end again, though I'm always tempted to skip the first two books.






I am one of those people who still buys actual books and doesn't really like the idea of eBooks. I like to feel and smell the pages, open and close it, and have actual printed words in front of me. Having a digital copy just isn't the same, no matter how convenient it is. I don't really tend to carry around my whole library with me, anyway, and if I'm reading something I'm usually only reading one thing so it's not too hard to just carry one book around with me. I doubt that books will be entirely replaced with digital copies, at least not any time soon. And even then, I will still probably hunt down actual books. That's half the fun...going to used book stores and hunting through the stacks and shelves to find something interesting or finding that book that you always wanted to read. It's exactly like thrifting, which is probably why a lot of thrift stores have books.





I understand that not everyone is a huge fan of reading, but there is so much more to be taken away from stories that is found in books and not the movies. You are getting the original story instead of a copy told by someone else. You are getting the full characters and the full story, and not just bits and pieces. There are a ton of things that happen in the books that either aren't included in the movie or can't be included because they are internal struggles within the characters. There's a lot more to be taken away and I always recommend that people read the books that the movies they love came from because there's nothing like it!


  1. You're on Pottermore?! Me too, I'm a Hufflepuff and I am quite happy with my house too :]

    I totally agree with you about book movies and that thought was definitely confirmed when I watched the Hunger Games movie, especially since so much of the book is Katniss' thoughts.
    I want to re-read the entire Harry Potter series too!

    About ebooks too, I've tried it out and it is pretty convenient and I like that it's cheaper than buying actual books (at new bookstores of course). I still prefer flipping pages in books and especially for being able to quickly go back chapters when you have a realization and want to re-read foreshadowing that you just got! It's so difficult to flip through pages on ebooks -__-;;

  2. I love this entry! It says so many things I agree with (although I don't know how well you did on your Harry Potter inspired look - haven't read the books and haven't watched the movies in years! The tights are super fab though!)
    Books are just better. Period. Actual books. I don't care if I'm reading a bunch at once (because I'm usually reading a non-fiction, historical book, a novel, several magazines and whatever book I put on hold at the library that finally came in.) It's worth toting them all around in my bag.
    I also love, love the setting you have in these photos. My pictures for the season might have to be re-located to a library (because it's mighty cold here!) You have inspired me with your modeling and photograhy on how I should go about shooting it.

    A Coin For the Well

  3. I love that you took these cute pictures with all those books. I love reading too. I just wish I had more time to read things I actually want to read! I'd love to reread the Harry Potter series too. My sister rereads it all the time! I kind of wish I'd ended up a Ravenclaw on Pottermore but unfortunately I ended up being a Hufflepuff. I'm trying to embrace it.

    But anyway. This outfit is just so cute. I love your blue dress and that blazer is very spiffy with it!

  4. Oh Sara, you are just awesome, that is all I can say. First, these photos are beeeautiful. I mean, how perfect is the black cat by the haunted bookstore?! seriously! Second, I love Harry Potter and it makes me happy to see you do too. I am always tempted to re-read the books as well, in fact the first 4 books I've read many many times. I'm sure I will re-read them all someday. Last but not least, I'm also a huge fan of "real" books rather than e-books. Something about holding the book in your hands and feeling the paper when you turn the page is all part of the magic of reading for me :)

  5. First off, how cute to do outfits inspired by Hogwarts (very nice outfit too!). And how neat is this book store!

  6. That is a very beautiful dress.
    I miss reading, I just am terrible at finding the time these days. I normally start a book and then it just gets left.
    It's been so long since I read Harry Potter, I would also start at the 3rd book.


  7. I love this shoot, and that black kitty is so adorable! ^__^ I work in libraries, so it kinda goes without saying that I love reading! ^__^ I think there's a time and a place for e-books (I love getting textbooks electronically because it's cheaper and I don't have such a stupidly heavy bag) but nothing really compares to snuggling down with a great novel ^__^ Bliss!

  8. This shoot is SO wonderful! Love the blazer, this outfit is so smart & chic all around! :)

    <3 Megan

  9. totally the essence of Ravenclaw!