Friday, January 17, 2014

Cats and Dogs

I really love the chartreuse and maroon color combination. It always looks so refreshing to me. And I of course can't get enough of this cat dress because anything cat-related is instantly awesome. I can't wait to have a kitty of my own someday. We had one when I was little, but then she got sick and ran away. I'm pretty sure she ran away to die as they say cats often do. For years now, I've been saying that one of the first things that I will get once I get my own place is a cat. I'd just have to find a place that's ok with that!



I've never really been more of a cat person or more of a dog person. I've had both and I love both. My gut leans more towards cats, I guess. They're a little less maintenance, but they also aren't as affectionate as dogs are. Not that cats don't ever snuggle up and cuddle and hang out with you, but dogs just really really show it more and they're more animated and enthusiastic. Cats are just so weird and unique in their own way, though, and it's always amusing and fun to watch them and play with them. They do the weirdest things! See? I can't really pick. I want a cat when I move out, but I know eventually when I have a house and family that I will want a dog and also cats. I really want a golden retriever one day. We still have Tiara (who is a pomeranian), and they are really good dogs. She is so lovable and well-mannered, yet playful and active. She is the perfect balance! I would definitely get another pomeranian in the future.




I need to talk about these tights from Urban Outfitters. They are fleece-lined! Hooray super warm tights! These are perfect for cold days, even when it warms up a bit into the 40s, these keep me toastier than normal. They were on my Christmas list and my parents for them for me in this color and in grey. I bought some fleece-lined tights from Walmart a few months ago, but they didn't really have many colors to choose from. I think I like these UO ones more anyway. I'd like to get the teal color at some point and there's a navy in a separate listing. I want them in every color, really. I'll have to search around for more colors!



Dress: H&M//Tights: Urban Outfitters//Sweater: Target (similar)//Boots: Payless//Belt: Forever 21
We've been getting a lot of fog lately but it's always at times when I can't take photos of it/in it. I love fog! I think it's so fun to take pictures of. I really want to do a foggy cemetery shoot one day. The fog is probably due to the fact that the temperatures have been weird around here. It's been warmer than usual. I'm not complaining! I'm hoping that spring will be early and I can go back to not having to wear a coat or worry about snow. That will be a glorious day.


  1. Ooo fleece lined tights sound so nice and toasty and I love the color of the pair you're wearing. I really love the color combination in this outfit. The maroon and chartreuse look wonderful together. Also this cat dress is the best every time you wear it. So cute. I really love cat print things, but I'm definitely a dog person. I'm really looking forward to having my own dog someday!

  2. I have the same dress, love this outfit!

  3. I was totally going to buy this dress at H&M then walked away, and now I regret my decision so much! Lovely outfit!

  4. I love the look of those fleece-lined tights and the colors in your outfit are just super. I will have dreams of getting a pair of those tights. They sound really warm! I can't wear them as I am way too big to fit them, but I can always dream.
    As for your cats vs dogs, I have a Maine Coon cat that is more like a dog than a cat. He climbs up and cuddles all the time. He even listens when I ask for things. I can say "come here and lay down" and he will come right over and lay down. They are reported to be cats for dog-lovers and are just as trainable as a dog. I just thought I would let you know so when you finally decide to look for a cat, you might want to think about a Maine-Coon.
    Keep up the GREAT fashions!

  5. I really need to invest in some fleece lined tights - I think that will definitely help me in my goal to wear more dresses/skirts. Seriously cute dress, I've seen it on a few other people and it's just too cute!


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