Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hot Air

I wish I was surrounded by hot air. I am so sick of being cold all the time! These photos were actually taken on a day when the weather decided to warm up a bit to almost 50, so I was thankful for that. But combined with the wind and clouds, it was still chilly. I know I always say that winter always drags on, but for some reason I'm feeling like this year's winter is going to fly by and soon enough, it will be spring. I am hoping that this gut feeling is true.





I have always wanted to go for a hot air balloon ride. I went up in the tethered one at Downtown Disney last year, but I want to go on a real ride in one. One of my dreams is to take a hot air balloon ride over all the pretty foliage in the fall. That would be pretty amazing. Too bad it's really expensive. Maybe someday, though!






This spot is still my lucky spot to take pictures. I always get good shots here, and it may very well be one of my favorite places ever. I love lighthouses! And this is definitely one of my favorite dresses that I own. I haven't worn it too much, but coincidentally, the one other time that I wore it was at this same place with my balloon bouquet! I need to start wearing this more, because it's just too amazing to not wear. It's just hard for me to go strapless with my bras, and I don't want my bra straps showing through the sheer part of the dress. I fixed that this time by layering this basic v-neck over it!





I really love remixing clothes. It's so fun and sometimes challenging to wear something in a variety of ways. It'd be so cool if you could follow a vintage or thrifted item through its entire life just to see how many different kinds of people wore it and all the different ways they styled it. Imagine following a dress from the 40s that made it all the way to today! It would make for a very interesting and fascinating project, though I'm not sure how possible it would be. I feel like if it were planned, it wouldn't be as organic and it would lose some of its magic.





I've started re-reading The Giver. I read an article about movies based on books that are coming out this year and was excited to see that The Giver is one of them! It's really pretty heavy for a young adult/children's novel. I can't wait to finish it and refresh my memory of it all. It'll be interesting to read as an adult now since I've only read it once when I was around 12. I want reread a lot of the books I read as a preteen/teenager. I've read so many good books and I want to experience them all again!




Dress (worn as skirt): Nishe via ModCloth//Top: Charlotte Russe (handed down from my mom)//Tights: Hanes//Shoes: Mudd
Some books that I remember just not being able to get into when I had to read them were To Kill A Mockingbird, Catch 22, and A Tale of Two Cities. I just couldn't do it. I found them all to be boring or difficult to get through. I know that To Kill A Mockingbird is a classic, award-winning book but I just can't do it. The same goes for Of Mice and Men. Now Huck Finn...I could get into that. One of the books that is on my list to re-read is The Great Gatsby. I don't think I really "got it" the first time I read it. Or maybe I did and it just didn't seem that great to me. I'm not sure. This is why I need to revisit some of these books! It's like changing taste buds...sometimes you'll like something you didn't like before once you're older.


  1. That skirt is so bright and fun and that shot of you sitting on the rock is amazing. Such gorgeous legs :) Wonderful photos!

  2. These are some really cute pictures. That dress is so sweet, I love the hot air balloon print. That does sounds like such a lovely dream: to have a ride in a hot air balloon over the beautiful colours of the woods in autumn. Very romantic indeed. But in all honesty I think I'm unfortunately too afraid of heights for that. I do hope that you get to do so one day though!

  3. I really like your outfit here, the skirt is so pretty and I want this blouse in my closet, too!
    The photos turned out so cute, and you look very happy.

    Have a great day,

  4. That is truly a gorgeous dress! When its cold, of course, a heavier weight denier tights might help, but those are terrific and add to the outfit. As for the Hot Air Ballooning, I did that this time last year out here in AZ. It was pretty cold when we started and I was afraid that once we got up in the air it would be colder, but the burner for the balloon kept everyone quite warm, or at least comfortable. I am afraid of heights and was alittle afraid of that too, but I didn't have any fears. When we landed, they served us a champagne breakfast! It was so nice and I got it as my xmas present from my spouse. If you get the chance to go do it. AAA offers half off specials out here. 2-hour ride and breakfast was less than $100. Bye!

  5. Oh this is so cute. I love your skirt. I want spring already.

  6. This skirt is just so stinking adorable!


  7. These pictures are really beautiful- I love the lighting! Alex


  8. It's true balloon rides are crazy expensive but it would be so great to see to do. It's been on my bucket list for years!

    I actually quite liked Of Mice and Men - I think I even kept the copy from school, I liked it that much. I haven't read it in years though so maybe I won't like it as much now that I'm older.

    Love your dress!


  9. Could you be any cuter?! I've always loved this dress, and it looks adorable with the sweater over it. I can totally see how this is your lucky spot; your photos turn out so great here!


  10. I am in love with these photos. You look absolutely stunning. The setting is perfect and I am in love with the remix! I just read the Great Gatsby over the summer and I don't think I've ever loved a book so much in my entire life. I read the Giver in 5th grade and I remember loving it, I recently saw that it's going to be a movie and it looks wonderful!

  11. I adore this outfit!

    I am also obsessed with hot air balloons. You look adorable!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  12. Some excellent Marilyn Monroe moments captured there. The windy lighthouse location awesome!