Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quick Pics

Despite all the snow and cold, February was a pretty alright month! I started it off with a trip to the orchard to do a photoshoot and visit the store to see all the yummy things they had. I also celebrated my cousin Ashley's birthday with a slumber party and a day trip to Providence to go to the mall and eat at Fire and Ice.




We had snowstorm on top of snowstorm on top of snowstorm during the beginning/middle of the month. It seemed endless and we still have snow everywhere. I also made a s'mores cake for my Grandpa's birthday. I originally planned to post a recipe for it, but it came out looking a little flat and lopsided, and it was really annoying to make so I decided against it. It tasted good, though!





I used a giant heart lollipop as a prop for my Valentine's Day themed shoot. I still haven't finished it. To be fair, though, I haven't really eaten anymore of it since that day. For Valentine's Day, Chris and I got froyo and exchanged presents. I gave him the DIY wooden wall art that I made him. I posted a tutorial for it here in case you missed it! I was so proud and excited about the results. It feels good to make something! I've been getting back into playing my ukulele a bit more lately. I want to get back into more creative outlets this year. He got me candles - one scented like Dumbledore's Office and the other scented like Old Books. He also made me a little handmade valentine. :) My dad got me Russell Stovers as he does every year. Chris also got me a box so I had a lot of chocolate to eat.






Speaking of music, this whole month, I couldn't stop listening to Disney music and Spice Girls. I've also learned Spice Up Your Life on ukulele, as well as some Disney songs. If I'm brave enough, I might record them and share them with you all. I'm always so self-conscious about my voice though. I added another couple of mugs to my collection, including this cute one with a teacup on it.



I've been obsessing over coral this month as I am strongly anticipating the beginning of spring. I've gotten two shades of coral lipstick, one from LORAC Cosmetics and one from Too Faced. Speaking of shades of pink, I recently tried a pink moscato and strawberry wine that was absolutely delicious. I drank it while playing Catan and listening to 90's music. A perfect night.




My cousin and I went on a spooky adventure last weekend that I will be posting about in more detail soon. Here are some sneak peeks at it, though!




We are finally through the worst of the winter months! The first day of spring is only 3 weeks away, so hopefully it'll warm up quick during March. I can't wait to be surrounded with flowers and leaves on the trees. :)


  1. Mmm, strawberry wine sounds like a perfect treat while playing Settlers! I'll have to get some before we play our next game. I'm also so looking forward to spring. We've had a teaser the past couple of weeks and now I'm worried winter is going to make an appearance again!

    xo Kimi

  2. Great photos! Can't wait to see more ♥

  3. Awwww! I think our kitties are twinsies! Mine sleeps like that often. :)

  4. Such a lovely post. Though I have lollypop envy! haha. And 90's music is the best.

    Tanya x

  5. Your kitty is so cute!! Alex

  6. I love these little quick pics posts :)

    ~ K