Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Felix Felicis

Now that all of my Florida posts are done and I can no longer live vicariously through them to hold onto the warmth and sunshine, it's back to reality. Reality being a 50 degree day, followed by four 30 degree days, then a 40 degree day, and then a 20 degree day with chance of snow showers. I wish the weather would make up its mind and decide to permanently be spring, already! I swear that a few years ago, it was so much warmer than this at this exact time of year. I don't understand it.





This day was one of the warmer ones we've had, and I was so pumped that I decided to wear all the colors I could to celebrate. Plus I have been wanting to wear these new coral pumps I recently got from Kohl's. It was a lucky day when I bought these because I received a call from the library that I had interviewed for (and got turned down at) saying that they actually had another position that would be open in the summer and they were willing to start me earlier with just a few hours until the person I am replacing leaves! Then I went to Kohl's and even though these shoes were mysteriously discontinued and they didn't have my size the last 2 or 3 times I checked, I decided to check again anyway just in case. To my surprise, there they were on the shelf in my size...the only one left! I was so excited. Plus, I had a $5 off coupon and gift cards, so I didn't have to pay anything for them! It was almost like I drank a bit of liquid luck from the Harry Potter series...haha.





I had a feeling that 2014 would be my year. I had a feeling it would be a year of growth, change, success, and progress. There are so many opportunities that have been arising and it's all very exciting, though I have to admit that I am a little scared of the stress and time constraints they might bring especially in regards to this blog.





I worked my first shift at the library Monday night and my second shift this morning, and I absolutely love it. Ever since I was a teenager, I think I just knew that it was the right place for me. I gave up on the idea for a bit and pursued other studies in my undergrad, but I finally made my way back to it. As my dad put it when I told him I got the job, "You had a dream, and it came true!". I think this was always my dream in the back of my mind and I'm so happy to have finally achieved it. I hope the rest of the year is as good as these first few months!



Dress: H&M//Sweater: Forever 21//Belt: American Eagle//Shoes: Dana Buchman via Kohl's//Tights: Borrowed//Sunglasses: Delia's//Lipstick: LORAC Cosmetics
Today is mine and Chris's anniversary! We've been together for four years, now. Some of those years were pretty tough and we had our ups and downs, but now things are just better. Like shout-out-from-the-mountain-tops better. It's like this huge storm came and caused mass destruction, but then it finally passed and the sun came out and all the rebuilding and growth began to happen and everything was made stronger this time. Pretty cheesy, I know. But hey...I'm in love and I'm so happy to be with this amazing and silly guy of mine. He's one of my best friends and I am so proud of the person he is today. :) As Juno's dad said to her, "The best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what-have-you. The right person is still going to think the sun shines out of your ass." I always liked that quote. :)


  1. Those shoes are adorable! Such a great color. Congrats on landing a library job, and on your anniversary. :)

  2. I love that dress, it's the most perfect colour I've ever seen :)

    I can really relate to you on the librarian thing--For ages I went through the academic route, got two degrees, worked in the industry and found out that it just wasn't as enjoyable as I thought it would be. I now work in retail selling shoes and you know what? I'm a lot happier there, even with the massive pay difference. You never know what will end up your calling at the end of the day, do you?


  3. I really love the shoes, cute colour and the heel is so lovely with the gold detail x

  4. I love this dress - the color is perfect on you! Also, those shoes are certainly fun!

    Glad to hear that you are enjoying your job! And have a lovely anniversary!

    I love that juno quote too.


  5. I love every piece of this outfit, and taken all together, the look is simply gorgeous!

  6. This outfit is SO cute. I love all these colors together! I'm glad everything is going well at the library, and Happy Anniversary! :)

    xox Sammi

  7. Lovin this look, and totally can't wait for warmer weather either. Happy anniversary btw! Glad to hear that you guys got through the ups and downs and now things are better - I actually read an article that said that couples who have gone through rough times and are able to make it through them are 'stronger' than those who havent :) Dont know if its true or not, but it makes sense in my mind
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  8. What beautiful shoes! Luck was most certainly on your side for these. Congratulations on finally doing something that you've always wanted to, and also on you and your man's Anniversary. It's so wonderful to hear that every though things become tough here and there you still pulled through to better days. How lovely for you both.

  9. Gosh! You are just too cute and petite. Love this fun Spring outfit and adore the heart shaped sunnies!

  10. Awww happy anniversary to you guys! I am in love with those coral bow flats, a super lucky find indeed! Have a great weekend :)
    xo Hannah

  11. Ooooh I love the gold detailing on those flats! super cute!

  12. I'm so looking forward for the spring! We've had a few sneaky warm days but it's back to rain again. Congrats on the job!! It's lovely to hear that it's something you really want to do, it will make you so happy!

    Congrats on your anniversary. My bf and I passes the four year mark last October.

    The Juno quote is one of my favourites!

    Seriously I'm just reading through your blog and I can never help but comment a bit. on everything.

    Happy anniversary!

  14. Really lovely shoes!!
    And really lovely dress!