Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Orange You Glad To See Me?

Greetings from Florida! We arrived very late Sunday night (our flight was delayed) so yesterday we took it easy. We had lunch, went grocery shopping, and went to the citrus orchard, which has quickly become a tradition for us each year. We picked a bunch of different things such as ruby red grapefruits, tangelos, honey tangerines, and spring navel oranges. Of course, I had to wear my vintage Florida scarf with the oranges on it for the occasion.






I love the little country store they have too. They sell all kinds of local honey, syrups, sodas, etc. They also have orange juice slushies, which I've yet to try. It's always amazing to have fresh and local foods, especially fruits right off the tree! There is a farmer's market on Sundays in Celebration, but we missed it this week since we got in so late.






We stopped at a 7-11 before heading over to our condo on Sunday night. It was about 1 in the morning and there were these drunk guys in there. They were obviously drunk because they were very loud and talking across the store and looking to buy (more) beer. The cashier wouldn't sell them the beer because the guy trying to buy it didn't have his ID, so the other guy was going to buy it for him. I guess the cashier can't do that, so one of the guys freaked out and start shouting and swearing at the cashier. He took the handheld scanner and threw it at the cashier, then walked out. My parents and I were so appalled. Luckily the cashier's co-worker was already on the phone calling the cops on these guys. They were obviously drinking and driving, so hopefully they got caught.





Anyway...yesterday was so nice out. It was 83 degrees, but with a nice cool breeze so that it wasn't too hot. It is much needed after being in the cold for so long. It feels nice to be barelegged and coatless. Today we went to Epcot and the weather was great today too. It was 77 and cloudy, which was good for a day at the park. The sun came out at times, though. I already got some sunburn on my nose and shoulders.



Dress: Dear Creatures via Ruche//Scarf: Vintage//Shoes: Payless//Belt: Forever 21//Lipstick: LORAC Cosmetics
Tomorrow we are going to relax a bit since going to a theme park can be sort of hectic. I can't wait to share my outfit from Disney. I love putting Disney outfits together. They are so much fun! I'll go into more detail about my trip to Epcot in a couple of days. Right now, I can hear the fireworks from Disney World as I type. They are going off even though it just down-poured an hour ago and it's still raining a little. Oh Disney...they will rarely let you down! :)


  1. Gah I'm so jealous you actually were able to take photos in an orange grove! That scarf is fantastic, and these photos are beautiful. Loving living vicariously through you! Have a wonderful trip, my friend <3

    xox Sammi

  2. Ahh sunshine. I can almost feel it through the screen :)
    I still love this dress every time I see it.

    Seriously, drunk people can be idiots.

    ~ K

  3. God, I can feel the sunshine just looking at these pretty photos. Your outfit is SO perfect for the orange grove- i love how you added the scarf to the ensemble, too. it made it so so pretty. and i havent been to Disney since i was 6, i wish is was there, haha!

    xo marlen
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