Sunday, March 30, 2014

Quick Pics

Despite the very long winter that March ended up being a part of, it was a pretty good month! At least I got to escape the cold for a bit when I went to Florida for the first week of the month. I posted a ton of pictures, but here's a little more extra ones from Instagram.






We went to Epcot, Downtown Disney, a giraffe ranch, and Kennedy Space Center! I love palm trees, so when I saw that little palm tree necklace at Forever 21, I had to get it and I had to wear it in Florida. It came in a set with another necklace that has a little flamingo on it too! :D






Of course, vacations have to come to an end and we had to come back home to the cold. My cousin and I attended our other cousin's baby shower the weekend after I got back. She's having a girl, so I thought it was appropriate to wear pink and purple to the shower.




Chris and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary this month! He made me some really cute flower crowns, got me a pair of shoes I wanted from ModCloth, and he got me Tagalongs. I had been craving Girl Scout cookies for weeks, so I was super excited when he gave them to me!





I got him a shirt with an all over print of the Eagle Nebula/Pillars of Creation on it. I also made him his favorite baked good that I make - apple cookies! I didn't know what to give them to him in, but then I found these Victoria's Secret boxes and decided that it would be silly to hand him that. He was confused when I gave him the pink striped box, but was psyched when he realized it was a bunch of cookies. Surpriiiise!



We celebrated our anniversary the weekend after with some awesome breakfast and a trip to a vineyard where I wore one of my awesome flower crowns. :) It was the perfect day to wear one because it actually felt like spring, for once. I also recently got this nautical print dress from ModCloth that I can't wait to style. I've been waiting for it to get warmer out so that it's not freezing by the beach where I'd like to take pictures.



The end of the month got really busy for me as I started my internship and am also working two jobs. It's a little stressful to adjust and accept that I just won't have as much free time until pretty much the end of the summer, but I will always have weekends so I always try to plan something fun and enjoyable to make the best of them! :)


  1. Your Minnie inspired outfit is so cute! Love your hair style, I wish mine would do that! Looks like some happy memories :) Great photos.

    <3 Megan

  2. Oh, the Minnie inspired look is so cute. Sounds like you've had an action packed time recently.

  3. The food in this post looks amazing, haha! And oh my goodness, how precious is that first picture of yourself? You look absolutely darling with your red lipstick. Those tiny bow details throughout your outfit are just darling. Very Minnie-esque indeed! :) :)

  4. Seriously!!! You are too cute! I love the Minnie Mouse get up and of course all your other fabulous images. I followed you on Instagram. Yay!

  5. Your beau made you flower crowns?!! Now that's just the sweetest thing ever :-). Florida looks & sounds just perfect! Orlando is one of my homes away from home & I can never get enough of it. Loving that Minnie look! xo Marisa

  6. Love your Minnie look, lovely blog by the way.

  7. The flower crowns are the cutest. Sometimes boys can be so cute ;)

  8. so happy to have found your blog through the group! ^_^
    you&your style are super cute and i look forward to your future posts.

    i love your minnie outfit--you even got the yellow shoes!
    sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary.

    erica | sweets + hearts

  9. looks like an amazing month! the giraffe is so cute, that looks awesome to be so close to it & of course the disney outfit is just the cutest : ). glad you had so many fun moments! oh, and is that your cousin in the pic w/ you? she looks like she could be your sister!
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  10. That nautical dress is so cute! And your boy MADE you flower crowns?! Wow, he's a keeper! xo