Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Swing The Day Away in the (Digital) Press!

Have you come across yours truly on the Interwebz lately? I have been submitting outfit photos to ModCloth's Style Gallery, and it has been such a great community to be a part of! You can check out my Style Gallery page here and follow along if you'd like! :)


I like it because it's a great way to find inspiration, and you can even shop the items (or similar ones) in the looks. I love that because sometimes I see an outfit and I'm like..."I wish I had that color sweater!" or "WHERE DO I GET THAT DRESS?!", but then voila! There it is! I've also had a small feature in the Style Gallery, as well small features around ModCloth's website, Facebook page, Pinterest page, and even in a couple of their newsletters!






Screen shot 2013-12-31 at 5.08.28 PM


You may have also seen me on Dear Creatures' Facebook page and Sugarhill Boutique's Facebook page, as well as Ruche's blog. It's so exciting to be featured by shops and brands that I truly admire and believe in. I love that these companies interact with their customers and fans, and they do a lot for them! A lot of them will actually tweet back to you if you mention them, or they will retweet and favorite your tweets. It's awesome! I know ModCloth almost always has some fun thing going on, usually a contest for their fans to enter and win gift certificates. Awesome, right?! Who doesn't want a ModCloth gift certificate? Well, maybe it's not on the top of the list for most dudes, but if I had it my way, I'd have an endless amount. ;)





Speaking of contests... ModCloth is currently hosting a contest called Twirl Around the World. It's running now through March 31st at 1 pm EST. They are going to pick two winners (one from Instagram and one from their Style Gallery) and each winner is going to get a $350 gift certificate (I'm drooling). To enter, you can post a photo on Instagram of yourself twirling around in a pretty dress and use the hashtag #modtwirl in the caption. The second way to enter is to simply upload a picture of yourself twirling in a pretty dress to ModCloth's Style Gallery. That's it. Just be sure to get your entries in by the 1 pm deadline on the 31st! I love to do twirling shots, so I have a lot of pictures that I'm planning on Fingers crossed! :D


  1. looks like a fun site to get on to. thanks for the review!

  2. your blog is so beautiful and I love the photos of you! Thanks for following my blog! My GFC is broken and I hope it comes back up soon... when I try to follow via GFC it says unable to handle my request.... so frustrating!!! Have a great day though!!

    love, polly