Saturday, April 12, 2014

Vintage Show

Last weekend Chris and I went to a vintage clothing show, which is basically like a giant fair/expo for vintage clothing. There were a bunch of booths where different vintage stores were set up with items to sell. It was like vintage heaven. There were so many amazing pieces and it was a really great selection. After I had looked around at everything, I realized that I didn't want it to end and have to leave. I wish there were even more vendors, though what they had was already a bit overwhelming. There was so much to look at, but I loved looking through everything and trying to find something special. That's the fun of it!





I found a few dresses that I really liked and tried them all on. A few were too big, one was to small, but one fit great, so I got it. It was only $30! I don't know if it was because it was the last day of the show, but I got everything for really cheap, and that's why I was able to get so many things! I've heard that if you go on the last day of these sorts of things that you will get great deals because people are trying to get rid of stock. I mean, one of the hats I got was marked at $55 and I got it for $5. That's insane.






I ended up with a dress, two hats, a scarf, and a shirt all for about $60. That's usually the price of one dress on Etsy, and that's usually the lowest you find. I always find amazing vintage dresses that I would love, but that cost over $100. That's a bummer when you're on a budget! I was so excited and surprised to find that many of the pieces at the show were very reasonably priced.






I was feeling retro that day, especially given the event I was going to, so I opted for a little leopard, some red accessories and a petticoat-esque skirt. Looking at pictures of the outfit, I'm not too sure how I feel about it, but I like it enough. I like it better without the sweater. I can't wait until it's warmer out so I can wear this leopard bodysuit with my denim high-waisted shorts.





I wasn't sure about where to take pictures since I wasn't familiar with the exact area that the show was in. On the way back, Chris and I decided we were hungry so we stopped at a diner nearby. It turned out to look pretty retro on the outside, which was a perfect place for these pictures. I really love old, retro looking diners. I love diners in general because I love having a huge variety of things to pick from. I would probably pick a diner over a big fancy restaurant. I love going out somewhere fancy, but usually I just want a burger or a grilled cheese with bacon or a grilled chicken salad. Either that, or I want Mexican food. Ugh, I just love food. A lot.



Bodysuit: Forever 21//Skirt: Funhouse NYC//Tights: Gypsy via ASOS//Shoes: Dana Buchman via Kohl's//Sweater: Take Out//Belt: Forever 21//Sunglasses: Hot Topic//Lipstick: Flirt! via Kohl's
I really want to go to more vintage shows. I would definitely go back to this one next year, and I plan to! I was really impressed, and I got to discover some new companies to shop with for vintage. Always a good thing!


  1. I love the way you curled your hair! And that vintage clothing show sounds like such a perfectly fun outing!

  2. You look great! ♥ Really love your sunglasses and tights. :) I often visit vintage fairs, you can find so many good clothes.

    Abigail x

  3. You look SOSOSO cute!!! I love this look on you! The skirt is so much fun. And I can't wait to see what you got at the vintage show! Sounds like a wonderful time!

    xox Sammi

  4. Seems like so much fun, I'd love to go to a vintage event one day! I bet you found some amazing items!

    ♥ ♥

  5. I think you're the first I've seen to really pull of red-rimmed shades, these look so delightful and sweet on you! (and very striking with the red lips.) The vintage show sounds really amazing, I don't know a huge amount about vintage clothing so I'm a terrible judge if something's authentic or not but you sound really knowledgeable.

  6. Wow! That sounds like so much fun! And that you got some great deals; we'll all be looking forward to seeing these items on you more.

    The glasses give this a fun, Grease-meets-modern vibe!

  7. That sounds like sooo much fun! Oh and your outfit is totally appropriate for this occasion!!! You look cute as a button my dear!

  8. Chris - @nylonlover69 on TwitterApril 14, 2014 at 4:11 PM

    Happy to read that you got some good finds, and Ooo La La, you look fantastic!

  9. That show sounds amazing. Can't wait to see the outfit posts with the goodies you got. You look so adorable in these photos! I'm not usually a big leopard fan, but wow you looked great <3

  10. Waaooo, what a steal!! It sounds like you got some pretty amazing things at great prices, I can't wait to see them! And you look SO retro chic in this look. I love the mix of leopard with polka dots and pops of red, genius!

  11. What sounds so amazing and fun! I may have to see if there is anything like that in my area!

    And I love your outfit - the red is the perfect touch with the animal print!


  12. I love the pop of animal print in this outfit. Gorgeous!!

  13. I've only just recently come to like leopard print... but I love styling it the same way: with black and splashes of red.

    Love this outfit! And I'm jealous of the sunglasses. I definitely need red cateyes in my life.

    xo Jana