Monday, June 16, 2014

Free Stuff

No, I'm not giving away free stuff. I actually got some free stuff just walking around my cousin's neighborhood a couple of weeks ago! There was this used bookstore that gives books away and you can also leave some if you wanted to too as a payment in a way. The store was closed, but they had a shelf under their overhang by the door with some books that people could take. I took a few that looked interesting.





Around the corner, this woman was having a mini tag sale. She said she was about to pack up and that the stuff she had was the last of it. I told her I liked one bag, but I didn't have cash on me. She let me just take it, which was very nice of her. The only thing that I really didn't like about her was that she was describing everything as "hipster" to me, as if that would sell me on it. She said things like, "Oh, how about this hat? It's pretty hipster". It really irked me because I think that's a stupid description of an item, and I don't like that she assumed I was a "hipster" because I was wearing a dress and holding a camera. Ok, end rant. She was still very nice and I got a free H&M bag out of it, which was convenient for carrying the books I picked up.






I got this dress at Goodwill for probably about $7. It could've been cheaper if it had the right color tag to get 50% off. It seems like it's vintage, but there's no way to tell since there are no tags and no zippers. It definitely seems handmade. I like how comfortable and breezy it is, and I love the classic red and white stripes. I also love the button and cutout details!





On the apartment front, Ashley and I have officially signed our lease! We will be moving next month, so I have a lot of packing to do. At the same time, I feel like a lot of what I'll be packing and moving I can't really move until it gets to be close to when I'm going to be moving in. Most of what I have is clothing and books. I guess that's a proper representation of For my new room, I think I'm going to go with a literary theme. I found this awesome headboard that I want to make for my bed and I took out this book from the library called The Repurposed Library that has crafts for reusing old books. It'll be fun to get crafty. I always wish I was craftier, but I don't really have the time to do a lot of it. Also, I always think something is going to be cheap and then I end up spending $50+ at the craft store for supplies, so I have to be careful about which ones I choose to do. They seem pretty cheap, though, especially since I have access to some old books already.



Dress: Thrifted//Jacket: H&M//Shoes: Payless//Belt: Thrifted//Ring: Urban Outfitters
I'm going to be having a tag sale, so if anyone has any suggestions for that kind of stuff, let me know! My street isn't very high in traffic, so I might consider having it somewhere else. I just don't want to have to cart all my stuff somewhere else when I already have to do that next I have so many ideas for decor that I think I want so I'll be visiting lots of thrift stores and flea markets and tag sales in the near future. I'm excited for that part. I love discovering unique things at those kinds of places. You never know what you might find, and that's the fun of it! :)


  1. lovely look :) cute

  2. Aww, I grew up on Boxcar children! Love this outfit- the dress is beautiful and that ring is super cute! Alex

  3. Actually, the fact your dress doesn't have a zipper might be a good sign it might be vintage :)

    How fun to get those books (and bag) like that. Good luck with the move too; I'm looking forward to seeing your new space sometime.

  4. Such a cute outfit and what a steal on some cool stuff..the hipster thing would have definitely annoyed me too though.

    Wishing you luck in the whole moving process. I can't wait to see what you come up with for decor <3

  5. Awh the boxcar children is awesome!! Cute pics

  6. Oooh free books, be still my heart! I love your outfit it definitely has a nautical vintage feel to it. I would hate the hipster comments also, like I don't see it as bad or good but it doesn't sell me on anything.

  7. Oooo that's so neat you got so many freebies! And ugh, that hipster word. It irritates me to no end, especially since it's supposed to be a negative. Just because you don't dress in jeans and a t shirt doesn't mean you're a weirdo! These people, man.

    xo marlen
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