Sunday, June 1, 2014

Quick Pics

May was full of gorgeous days and springtime goodness complete with flowers, blossoms, pretty skies, and warmth. I rarely drink soda, but it's the perfect time of year to enjoy a cherry soda and walk around a downtown, which is exactly what Chris and I did at the beginning of the month. I love soda in glass bottles. It just tastes better that way for some reason.

cherrysoda, cherry soda

blossoms, cherry blossoms, cherry tree, spring blossoms

clouds, pretty sky, farm

My mom's and niece's birthdays were both this month (on the same day, to be precise!). I made my mom a vanilla cake with buttercream frosting and decorated it with a Beauty and the Beast design since it's her favorite Disney movie. She loved it!

batbcake, beauty and the beast cake, beauty and the beast logo, disney cake

This month I also headed up to Boston to see The Aquabats! Chris and I got to meet them before the show. Nadia and her boyfriend also came (it's also her birthday month!) and we all stayed over and spent the next day walking around the city and eating yummy food.

chrismeaquabats, the aquabats




For Mother's Day, my parents and I went out to brunch to celebrate. I have been craving some fresh fruit salad for so long, so I was so excited to be able to create my own...especially since there was watermelon and kiwi. I'm freakin' all about fruit. I also love eating and drinking outside, which is one of the many pluses of warm weather. I especially love waterfront seating and bars, but a nice little cafe with a cup of tea is perfect too.



I've come to realize that although I can't currently have a cat, I am constantly surrounded by cats, which fulfills my cat quota. Chris has cats, my cousin has cats, and even my boss brings his cat to work sometimes. I want a cat of my own one day, but for now it's great to have so many cat lovers in my life.





Last weekend I was pet sitting for my cousin while she was out of town. While walking around the neighborhood, I came across this woman who was getting rid of some things by either giving them away or selling them. I ended up with a great bag for free that is actually from H&M. It's a good size for books and is brown and black, which is a color combo that I love. I also came across a bookstore that has free books. The store was closed, but they have some books on a shelf outside for people to take so I took some that were interesting to me.


Memorial Day weekend was fun. Chris and I went to a picnic with my cousin and ate some burgers. I also finally received the vintage dress that I ordered from a French Etsy shop and I can't wait to take pictures in it! And finally, Chris and I ended the weekend with some froyo since a local shop was doing a $5 to fill up your cup deal. The long weekend was much needed and it was nice to have a mini break to relax, catch up on some things, spend time with friends, and enjoy the amazing weather.





And now I leave you with this doodle I drew of Zim from Invader Zim.



  1. how sweet! Looks like a fun week ; )

  2. Right?! Everything tastes better in a glass bottle. It's like how coffee always tastes better in a paper cup. Or when you buy it somewhere. Maybe that's just me. :)

  3. I love the cat photos, especially the one with the cat sticking out its tongue. Sooo cute! I have three cats myself; they're awesome!!

    xo Kimi