Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quick Pics

July started out with 4th of July celebrations. A friend of mine had an annual pig roast and Chris and I made bacon macaroni and cheese for it!


The second week of the month was move-in time, so I had to get serious about packing all of my clothes and moving all of it, plus all my furniture into my new apartment. It sucked to do, but it felt so good once it was done. Afterwards, I spent about 5 days unpacking everything and putting things away. It's finally mostly done with the exception of a couple of boxes. I also have boxes of stuff I want to sell at a tag sale that I have no idea where to put. Chris helped me a lot with putting things away and putting things together. He even wore safety goggles to put together this very dangerous trashcan for my room.



One of the many perks of living in my own place with my cousin is that her cat loves me and always spends time with me. She loves to cuddle. I can't even sit on my bed without her jumping up and wanting to get in my lap or lay on me. She also loves to lay on things. Any sort of things will do such as a laptop, a laptop case, or a purse.





I've been re-reading Harry Potter lately (Happy Birthday to him today, by the way!). I skip the first two books (don't judge) because I don't think it gets really good until the third one. That's the one I started on. I'm on Goblet of Fire now. I plan to watch the movie once I'm done with the book so I can geek out and compare the two. If I could have my own Harry Potter book/movie club, I would but none of my friends would be They like Harry Potter, but I don't think they'd want to do a book club. I'd like to host a book club in general, even if it's not Harry Potter. Perhaps I'll have to make it happen at the library, though I'd really like to do it at my place with tea and tasty desserts...or mimosas and brunch.

I went to a nautical themed festival this month, which I posted about a couple of posts ago. It wasn't that great, but at least I had a good reason to wear my Hell Bunny sailor dress.



This month I also went blueberry picking, which I will post about at a later date. I made blueberry crisp with them, which I will also post about later on. It came out great! I had friends over one night and we made homemade crunchwraps for dinner, which means that I got to keep the leftovers and make taco salad for lunch. :)




Other than all of this, I've just been enjoying my new place and hanging out with friends when I can. I've started riding my bike again. Well, Chris and I went out once so far for a night bike ride to the beach. It was really nice, but also somewhat of a struggle on the hills. I'm definitely not used to it. I don't think I've ridden a bike in about 4 years, and I'm pretty ashamed of it...especially since I really love my bike. I definitely need to keep at using it. It's great exercise that's also fun and enjoyable.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July Wishlist

I skipped the wishlist post in June since I was so busy with preparing to move, and I'm cutting it close for July, but alas! Here it is.

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Lately, I've been kind of over summer. I'm ready to move on to fall. A lot of people tell me to hold my tongue because they don't want it to be cold, but I never said I wanted winter. Autumn isn't really cold, per se. It's just cooler and sometimes a lot more comfortable. The two ModCloth dresses that I'm lusting after remind me so much of fall, and I can see them working well with autumn hues. I'd love to pair them both with some mustard yellow accessories and maybe some deep browns. The navy and plaid one reminds me of going back to school, even though school is year-round for me. I kind of miss the excitement (coupled with dread) of the fresh start of a new school year. I miss going back to school shopping.

While we're talking about fall, the apple dress from Bonne Chance Collections would be perfect for apple picking, which is one of my favorite fall activities. I also love the red gingham Lindy Bop dress and think it's such a classic pattern. It'd be great for trip to the orchard or hay maze, or even an autumn picnic. :)

I'm really loving crop tops lately. I'd like to get some more basic ones, and BooHoo has them in a ton of colors. I'm liking the primary colors of yellow and blue, but I also love the white drapey one. It's flowy and screams summer to me. I'm not really one to designate a type of clothing to one season, though. I would wear (and have worn) crop tops in the fall and spring. If it's warm enough, I say go for it. A crop top and some high-waisted jeans is a great simple and comfy outfit!

I can't end this post without talking about this black dress from Ruche. I LOVE the sleeves and how they are see-through, and I also love how the sheer hem is longer so that it's see-through as well. I like that it's very basic and classy, yet has a little flare to it. It reminds me of the 70s and I would probably have a cocktail party just so I could wear this dress. I'd also have cat-eye makeup and would want big hair. I'm actually planning on growing my hair out this year and I'm hoping it's a decent length by the fall. I also love tulle skirts, and the forest green one from ASOS is so amazing. I'd have to wear a slip under it, but it'd be worth it to get one for that skirt. I love that shade of green, especially for fall and winter. So pretty! :)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

On A Boat

I got to go on a sailboat at a nautical-themed festival a couple of weekends ago! It was docked and I didn't actually go sailing, but it was still cool. I got to peek down into the living quarters. It looked pretty tiny! My favorite part was the wheel, though.

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boat, nautical, captain's wheel, boat wheel, steering wheel, ship wheel, ship's wheel, sailing, sail boat, sailboat, ocean, shoreline, sea



The festival itself wasn't too great. It was really crowded and made the area seem crappier than it actually is. Since I made it a goal of mine to have a real pina colada this summer, I decided this was the time I would have one. It was pretty good, though I probably wouldn't want to drink them all night. I love frozen drinks, but they're too heavy.

hell bunny sailor dress, hell bunny dress, hell bunny navy dress, sailor dress, full skirt, full skirt sailor dress, nautical dress, twirling, twirling in dress, girl twirling in a dress, on a boat, hell bunny, retro sailor dress, retro fashion, vintage fashion, halter sailor dress




I decided I had to wear this beauty of a dress for the occasion. Chris got me this dress last year, and I really love it. The skirt is so full and perfect, and I love the classic navy and white combo. It makes it easy to accessorize with!




We walked around a bit, but after a couple of hours or so, we left and went home. The next day, I actually tried sushi for the first time. I hated it. I didn't try the hardcore fish ones, but I tried an avocado and cucumber one and a chicken one. I think the seaweed throws me off. I don't know. I just didn't like the overall taste, texture, and even smell. I don't understand people's obsession with it. Just give me a pizza or a burrito and I'm good. Luckily, the restaurant also had regular Japanese food so I got to have some chicken tempura, chicken teriyaki, and spring rolls.





One thing that's great about summer is all the outdoor food. Carnivals, festivals, etc...they all usually have food tents or trucks and it's awesome. There's nothing like the smell of yummy food on a warm day. One of the big local carnivals is this week and I can't wait to go get some fried dough. Speaking of fried dough, I'm still really excited that my Grandpa is going to make his homemade fried dough this year for Christmas. He hasn't made it since I was little!


hell bunny sailor dress, hell bunny dress, hell bunny navy dress, sailor dress, full skirt, full skirt sailor dress, nautical dress, twirling, twirling in dress, girl twirling in a dress, on a boat, hell bunny, retro sailor dress, retro fashion, vintage fashion, halter sailor dress
Dress: Hell Bunny//Shoes: Dana Buchman//Belt: Forever 21//Sunglasses: Lucky Brand//Lipstick: Flirt!
I can't believe how fast time goes. When you're younger and in school, it always feels like the summer flies by and the school year drags. Now it's just always flying. I can't wait to be done with my graduate program. Once this semester is over, I will only have the fall semester and then one class in the spring and I'll be DONE. Then I won't ever have to worry about school or do homework again. I remember saying that when I graduated from my undergrad, and then I wound up going for my master's, but this time it's REALLY done. :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Moved In!

I'm all moved into my new apartment!! I moved in last Sunday (a week ago) and spent most of my free time during the week unpacking and moving furniture around, with help from Chris. We put together my clothing racks and set up the big TV his mom gave me. I love that I have more closet space here to hang up a lot of the clothes that were shoved into my bureau drawers. It feels good to have more room in general. I finally upgraded from a twin to a queen-sized bed. I have room in here for my bookcase and a chair. I'm really happy and relieved now that everything is mostly unpacked and put away. I still have some stuff that I have to deal with still, but the majority is done.



It feels nice to not have to answer to anyone but myself. I think it's an important feeling and experience to have to be able to have your own space and not have to tell anyone where you're going, what you're doing, when to have dinner, etc. It's nice to just live by my own standards and schedule and to be in charge of every aspect of my life. Plus, my cousin's cat likes to hang out with me all the time and sleeps in my room, so now I have a kitty to hang out with all the time!



I'm really proud of this move and I'm excited for this stage in my life. I am really proud that I made it a goal to be moved out by the time I'm 25, and I did it. It's one of those things that I always felt like I said I would do, but probably wouldn't happen when I wanted it to, but it did and I'm so glad.



I still have some decorating to do and there are a bunch of crafts I want to do, but that's on the back burner for now. There are more important things needed to spend my time and money on first. That's the one thing that is really new to me and makes me nervous - having all these new and big financial obligations. I know I'll adjust and I will get used to it, but it won't be for a couple of months since this month's rent was already paid when we decided on the place and next month's rent we only have to pay half since we moved in the middle of this month. It probably won't be until September until I know exactly how things will be with the usual rent and payments.

Top: Forever 21//Shorts: Forever 21//Shoes: Gap
These were taken at my favorite book store. It was just a simple and comfy outfit for a relaxing day out in the heat. I'm so ready for fall. Summer is cool and it has its perks, but I'm kinda over it by now, especially when I'm trying to avoid running the A/C to avoid a costly electric bill. I can't wait for the colorful leaves, apple and pumpkin everything, and Halloween time. It's the best time of the year! It's a shame it never lasts too long.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Reese's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

I've had the idea for this cake for a very long time. A cake made with all kinds of chocolate and peanut butter - a Reese's EXPLOSION. I figured Chris's birthday would be the perfect time to resurrect this idea and actually make it since he loves anything Reese's. I have to say, this cake MIGHT kill you, but it'll be worth it.

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I looked up some Reese's cakes online to get some inspiration for how to decorate the cake. I knew I wanted to use a variety of different things, so I sort of combined a few ideas together into one super cake. Hence the combination of Reese's miniature cups, Reese's Pieces, and both chocolate and peanut butter chips. I had also bought regular sized Reese's cups, but didn't end up using them. At least I was prepared.



The cake is my go-to chocolate cake. I used it for this Oreo cake that I made for my Grandpa's birthday a couple of years back. Of course, I wanted to make peanut butter frosting to go with the chocolate cake. I used a basic peanut butter buttercream type of frosting. Buttercream is my favorite type of frosting. I made Chris a peanut butter and chocolate cake once before, except the roles were reversed. I had made a peanut butter cake with chocolate frosting. While it looked awesome since I decorated it with painted fondant planets that I made (see here), this cake that I made now is definitely better. It might be one of my favorite cakes I've ever made, and it got raving reviews from everyone who tasted or even saw it. Woo!



The cake is really easy to make and doesn't take long at all. I'm also fairly certain you only need one bowl for it too, which makes cleaning up easier. The frosting is also easy. The parts that take the longest are just waiting for the cakes to cool (which you can do other things while waiting for) and decorating it! But decorating is also the fun part. :)


Reese's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake
Sources: Hershey's, The Girl Who Ate Everything


For the Cake:

2 cups sugar
1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
3/4 cup cocoa powder
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
2 eggs
1 cup milk
1/2 cup vegetable oil
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup boiling water

For the Frosting:

1/2 cup butter, softened
1 cup creamy peanut butter
3 tablespoons milk, or as needed
2 cups confectioners' sugar

For Decorating:

1 package of Reese's Pieces
1 package of Reese's Miniature Cups
1 package of chocolate chips
1 package of peanut butter chips


For the Cake:

Heat oven to 350°F. Grease two 9-inch round baking pans.

Stir together sugar, flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda and salt in large bowl. Add eggs, milk, oil and vanilla; beat on medium speed of mixer 2 minutes. Stir in boiling water (batter will be thin). Pour batter into prepared pans. Bake 30 to 35 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool 10 minutes; remove from pans to wire racks. Cool completely.

For the Frosting:

Place the butter and peanut butter into a medium bowl, and beat with an electric mixer. Gradually mix in the sugar, and when it starts to get thick, incorporate milk one tablespoon at a time until all of the sugar is mixed in and the frosting is thick and spreadable. Beat for at least 3 minutes for it to get good and fluffy. Note: I had to add a lot more milk than suggested.

For Decorating:

I started with the chips. Create vertical rows of chocolate and peanut butter chips all around the cake, alternating them as you go (kinda like a checkerboard). This is very time consuming, so prepare to be patient and experience bouts of annoyance at the fact that you just want it to be over with.

Once the chips have been placed, now it's time to start with the Reese's miniature cups. Unwrap a bunch of them and cut them in half. Start lining the bottom of the cake with the halved miniature cups with the inside (flat part) of the halves facing the cake. Once you are done with this, cut more halves and line the top of the cake with the flat parts facing the cake. Afterwards, create an inner circle of halved miniature cups and then stick one whole one in the middle of the top of the cake. Fill in the spaces between all of the cups with Reese's Pieces. I stuck the bottom layer of them into the frosting, but then just kept the rest loose.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ren Faires Call For Flower Crowns

Last month I went to a renaissance faire with Chris, Nadia, her boyfriend Jon, and her little brother. Mainly, we love to go to renaissance faires for the food, but the atmosphere is always fun as well. I love how into everything the cast and workers get. It's really great! I have always loved theater, so it's cool to see it still alive in a really cool form.





It was super hot and I ended up getting a sunburn. I realized that I didn't get any pictures of the back of this dress, but there's a cutout in the lower back of it. That made for a weird This is my first high-low dress! It's the first one that I found that isn't too long or has too harsh of an angle.

renaissance faire, flower crown, high low dress, hi-low dress, ren faire, ren faire fashion



This is probably the first time that I didn't get a turkey leg at a renaissance faire. For some reason, I just wasn't feeling it. I opted for the mac and cheese with pulled pork, which was decent. I also got a drink that came in a pineapple because I always wanted to drink out of a pineapple. They were serving smoothies in them and you could either get strawberry or pina colada. I got the pina colada one and Nadia got the strawberry one. She also balanced it on her head. I've never actually had a real pina colada, so that's on my bucket list for this year.

pineapple drink, drink out of a pineapple


pineapple drink, drink out of a pineapple


We saw some shows and walked around, trying to beat the heat any way we could. Chris participated in a sword fight with a knight and he did pretty good! He and Jon also did a bunch of other things that they received special stickers for, and they got "knighted".

sword fighting, ren faire, renaissance faire, fake swords




The necklace I'm wearing is actually my mom's. They were charms that she collected when she was young. I really liked the little rose detail on it and the shape of the hook. I was happy to take it when she offered it to me because it's vintage and because I love having a little piece of my mom's past and history. It's one of those sentimental pieces.

charm necklace, vintage necklace, vintage charm necklace
Dress: Forever 21//Shoes: Payless//Necklace: Handed down from my mom//Flower Crown: Made by Chris//Sunglasses: H&M
Since it was a renaissance faire and especially because it had a spring theme, I knew I had to wear one of the flower crowns that Chris made me. I always seem to go for the one he made me with both flowers/colors on it. I think it's because I tend to wear a flower crown with solid, plain pieces so the different colors add more to the outfit. I'll make it a small goal that I should wear the other ones he made me! One is with just all the white flowers and the other is with just all the little sunflowers.

flower crown, sunflowers, sunflower crown, sunflower flower crown, yellow and white flower crown, ren faire, renaissance faire

harlot, wooden sign, ren faire

mudblood, mud blood, harry potter, renaissance faire, ren faire, wooden sign


As for an update on moving, the day is close at hand! I will be moving into the apartment on Sunday! Eep! I need to start packing up my clothes. I've decided it'll just be easiest to pack everything in a suitcase to bring it all over. Other than that, I just have the drawers of my side table and my TV stand to clean out and then all the furniture. As the day approaches, I keep thinking how weird it will be to not be in the same bedroom anymore. It's going to be a weird feeling to stare at a different ceiling from now on, but it's a good change and it's going to feel amazing. It's definitely the right and next step in my life at this point and I'm really excited for it all! :)