Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July Wishlist

I skipped the wishlist post in June since I was so busy with preparing to move, and I'm cutting it close for July, but alas! Here it is.

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Lately, I've been kind of over summer. I'm ready to move on to fall. A lot of people tell me to hold my tongue because they don't want it to be cold, but I never said I wanted winter. Autumn isn't really cold, per se. It's just cooler and sometimes a lot more comfortable. The two ModCloth dresses that I'm lusting after remind me so much of fall, and I can see them working well with autumn hues. I'd love to pair them both with some mustard yellow accessories and maybe some deep browns. The navy and plaid one reminds me of going back to school, even though school is year-round for me. I kind of miss the excitement (coupled with dread) of the fresh start of a new school year. I miss going back to school shopping.

While we're talking about fall, the apple dress from Bonne Chance Collections would be perfect for apple picking, which is one of my favorite fall activities. I also love the red gingham Lindy Bop dress and think it's such a classic pattern. It'd be great for trip to the orchard or hay maze, or even an autumn picnic. :)

I'm really loving crop tops lately. I'd like to get some more basic ones, and BooHoo has them in a ton of colors. I'm liking the primary colors of yellow and blue, but I also love the white drapey one. It's flowy and screams summer to me. I'm not really one to designate a type of clothing to one season, though. I would wear (and have worn) crop tops in the fall and spring. If it's warm enough, I say go for it. A crop top and some high-waisted jeans is a great simple and comfy outfit!

I can't end this post without talking about this black dress from Ruche. I LOVE the sleeves and how they are see-through, and I also love how the sheer hem is longer so that it's see-through as well. I like that it's very basic and classy, yet has a little flare to it. It reminds me of the 70s and I would probably have a cocktail party just so I could wear this dress. I'd also have cat-eye makeup and would want big hair. I'm actually planning on growing my hair out this year and I'm hoping it's a decent length by the fall. I also love tulle skirts, and the forest green one from ASOS is so amazing. I'd have to wear a slip under it, but it'd be worth it to get one for that skirt. I love that shade of green, especially for fall and winter. So pretty! :)


  1. I would agree and say I want it to be fall, but the weather right now here is GORGEOUS. Like, it's been the coolest summer ever (in terms of temperature). We have maybe had like a collective week of humid, hot days in Alabama but it's rarely been over 90. There was such a nice cool breeze today and everything... but how I ramble! :)

    Augh, that third tulle skirt is beautiful. I love the dark emerald color. I will definitely say that I am loving the fall colors you picked out, though. I always tend to go for those deeper gem tones. :)

  2. I love fall and totally get you people always tell me that I wish I hadn't said that when it actually comes. Its just cooler then summer but not as cold as winter. You can start wearing tights and cute boots! Leaves change color! Whats not to love!

  3. I'm ready for fall too. Fall clothes are more fun because I can actually do some layering without dying of heat stroke. I love the dresses you picked out here. Those crop tops are great too. I actually just bought a couple crop tops from Boohoo!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  4. I love everything on this list! Especially the apple dress.