Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August Wishlist

I know that it's still the end of August, but my head is already in October and fall. I'm already trying to figure out where I'm going to go in the fall to see the leaves and what kinds of autumn activities there are going to be. I'm already thinking about the Halloween party I want to have and what I want my costume to be. I'm already wondering what is going to happen for my birthday. I'm turning 25, so it's a somewhat big one. I always want someone else to plan my birthday, but I get nervous that it won't happen and then I won't have anything planned. Does that make me a neurotic freak? Well....sue me.

You can tell by the bones, skeletons, and Ouija Board prints below that I'm ready for Halloween time. I guess the Spiderman dress is supposed to be for Halloween, but I would wear it anytime. I also really like the Jennifer Dress from Dear Creatures' fall collection. It sort of reminds me of a skeletal/Tim Burton look and I enjoy it for the season. Also, how cool is the dinosaur bones print dress from ModCloth?! (Hint: The answer is very).

I'm gonna admit something...I still shop at Hot Topic. I'm not sure if that's considered "lame" or not at this point in life. Was I supposed to give up shopping there at some point? Anyway...I started shopping there when I was about 13 and going through my goth phase, but now that I'm more into the vintage thing, I found that they actually have a lot of awesome things within that realm of style! They sell a lot of rockabilly/retro inspired dresses and skirts (lots of sailor stuff, too!). For instance, I know that they definitely carry Hell Bunny. Lately I've been seeing a lot of good things on their site, and in their store such as the cute polka dot romper below. My inner child also can't help but get excited about all the Disney, Adventure Time, and Harry Potter stuff they usually have too.

I have been lusting after these big cat eye style sunglasses from ASOS for a few weeks, now. I'm just uncertain as to if they will look right on my face. I really like the cat eye, though and I like big glasses and these seem to combine the two looks. I know I look horrible in the normal thinner cat eye glasses. I've also been wanting more tulle skirts. I've always loved tulle skirts and I have a couple, but I'd like more colors. I especially like the navy for the fall.

I can't wait for fall fashion and all of these pieces definitely inspire me for the season. I have a countdown on my phone... 36 days until October! :D


  1. This makes me excited for fall (and though I love fall, I've been dreading it a bit)!! And dude, yes, Hot Topic has Hell Bunny AND loads of Disney merch, so I absolutely still shop their too. It was also my jam in middle school. When I had blue and pink hair. Oh, and I love that pretty gray skirt!

    xox Sammi

    1. **** THERE, not their!! I shouldn't be posting comments at 5 AM.

  2. I still love Hot Topic. They've changed quite a bit since my days as a teenage mall goth. I love the Ouija board dress and the blue skirt. I can't wait for fall, either! I'm excited to change things up a bit and get some use out of my cardigans.