Sunday, September 28, 2014

September Wishlist

Fall always has me gravitate towards plaids/flannel, Halloween themed items, and other autumn accessories, naturally. I really want an autumn leaf crown. I think it definitely outdoes a flower crown. There are some cute ones on Etsy, but the one below is probably my favorite of the ones I found.

I love space -themed stuff and I really love the solar system necklace that I came across. It's beautiful, but sort of pricey. :\ ModCloth has a new space print dress that is coming soon that I really want, too. Space is awesome! :D

I'm also in need of some new booties. I only have brown or black boots, so I'd like to get other colors just to change it up a bit sometimes. Also, I can't ever resist novelty print tights or Halloween stuff, so the combination of the two is twice as hard to resist. I really want the bat and pumpkin ones from ASOS, and I just might end up ordering them. Lastly, CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE MARAUDER'S MAP DRESS?! I want it so bad, but now it's out of stock. :( I guess I'll have to wait until it's back in stock at some point....if it ever is. It's such a great Harry Potter-themed item. I would definitely want to wear it when I go back to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It'd be perfect! :)


  1. LOVE the bat tights! Oh, and those jack o lantern tights. I need tights so bad right now! I feel like they all get nasty with holes at the same time.

  2. That Marauder's Map Dress is made from the dreams of Harry Potter ladies the world over, including mine! So amazing. It should definitely come back in stock for Halloween! I love those jack-o-lantern tights, too. I've decided that starting October 1st, I can wear all of the Halloween-themed outfits I want, and those would be the perfect way to be playful yet subtle about it!


  3. ah i love that wishlist

  4. 5 and 7! I solemnly swear that I would be up to no good with that Harry Potter dress eheheheh :D

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