Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Chelsea, VT

For the Columbus Day weekend, Chris and I and our friend stayed with another one of our friends up in Vermont! Our friend is moving up there soon, so he has a house up there that he will be living in eventually.





Chelsea is a very small town. We were by the center of town, which consisted of two small greens, a church, and a few restaurants and stores. Although it's a very small town, it had a really great view and we were surrounded by mountains and open fields and farms, so it was pretty. On our first day there, we decided to just explore the town and the surrounding areas.




I hope if you're from Vermont you don't take offense to this, but Vermont is weird. It's a lot different than the lower New England states. Everything is so spread apart and it takes an hour just to drive to a large grocery store or a Dunkin Donuts. I was so excited when we finally saw a Dunkin Donuts on the third day we were there. It was after driving an hour and a half away from where we were staying. The exits on the highway are so far apart, and even the towns and gas stations are far apart on the main roads. It takes like 20 minutes or more to get somewhere else (which is usually just a gas station and/or country store, and that's crazy to me. I'm so used to constant exits and stores or restaurants being a 5-10 minute drive away, tops.





I don't think I could ever live like that with everything so far away, especially in the winter when it's already hard to get places. I like the country, but Vermont is too rural for me to live in, though I'm sure the main cities and some of the outer ones from there are more happening. When we went to Middlebury on our last day up there, it was a lot more populated. I do enjoy visiting, though because it is nice to get away and it's really pretty.





Anyway...on our first day we explored Chelsea and the surrounding towns. We ended up taking a small hike (in woods where we heard gun shots, which was nerve-wracking) and we also stopped at a cool little cemetery. We took in the sights and the views. It was nice and relaxing. At night, with no cell phone service, Internet, or cable, we played games and laughed and talked into the wee hours. Although I need my Internet and phone fix every day, sometimes it's nice to not have those kinds of distractions when hanging out with people.





The foliage was nice in some parts, but mostly we couldn't find any good hikes where you were really surrounded by it. It all looks nicer from far away and when you're in the middle of it, it's just green and somewhat yellowish or the trees or bare. I just had some bad luck this year with foliage!





This yellow dress is the dress that I got from ModCloth that I couldn't wait to wear in the fall. I knew that Vermont would be the perfect place to do so. I have been searching for a burnt orange sweater for a long time, and I finally found one from a place called Le3no. They originally sent me the wrong style sweater, but they were very quick and easy about doing an exchange. They sent me a shipping label for me to send the sweater back in and quickly sent me the right one. I liked the shade of the one they first sent me more than the one I ordered. It was more burnt/pumpkiny orange while this one seems more red-orange, but I like the v-neck style of this one more than the round-neck that the other one had. The scarf is vintage, and I felt it was appropriate for a weekend of leaf-peeping. :)



Dress: Blutsgeschwister via ModCloth//Sweater: Le3no//Tights: Target//Scarf: Vintage//Shoes: Clarks//Hat: Forever 21//Belt: Forever 21//Lipstick: Flirt!
One great thing about Vermont is the stars. Because there's so much open land and space, there's a lot less light pollution. We went up to this overlook to look at the stars, and it was amazing. I don't think I've ever seen so many stars. I tried to get some pictures of them, but they kept coming out kinda blurry. I'd really love to master astrological photography some day.




I'll share more of my Vermont trip in my next post about our second day there that we spent in Woodstock! :)


  1. Oh, wow! That cemetery looks fascinating... and old! Your outfit has just tickled my Autumnal spirit, all those warm colours <3 Looking at the stars might be more thrilling than playing around with our smartphone, I'm sure! xx

  2. Your outfit is autumn perfection! Pairing the yellow dress with the orange cardi was great thinking and that scarf is beautiful. Vermont always looks so wonderful during the fall, I must go one day!

  3. I laughed when I stumbled upon this post because I am sitting in my office in Chelsea! I also laugh whenever people talk about Vermont being too rural, because when I was in NYC last month and RI this month, I couldn't stop thinking about how horrible crowded it was and how bad it smelled. I'm happy to live in the middle of nowhere if it means fresh air :)

    I love your outfit and it fits so well with the foliage!

  4. I haven't explored the east coast much, but I would love to visit Vermont and part of the northeast. I'm a big history buff, and there's just not that much of it in many parts of the US. It would be nice to visit a place where "old" doesn't just mean "wasn't built sometime in the past 50 years."
    Love the look. I think you did an awesome job bringing a pretty summery dress into fall with your accessories, and all of the warm, falling-leaves colors look beautiful together. It makes to pull some of my sundresses back out again...
    Jessica, cakesandcakesvintage.blogspot.com

  5. It's really disrespectful to sit on headstones like that, just so you know. :/ I'm super jealous of the colors...I can't wait to get back to New England in the next couple of years over fall break just to see them!