Saturday, November 22, 2014


Let the complaining about the cold commence. My god, it has gotten so cold so suddenly. I've broken out my down winter coat and the fleece-lined tights. My favorite boots broke (my only waterproof ones), so I'm asking for a new pair for Christmas so that I'll have some for the majority of the winter. I love layering, but too much layering is just annoying. Shopping is one of the few things there is to do in the winter, and even that gets annoying when you have to keep taking off and putting on your pants, boots, shirt, sweater, scarf, and coat. The struggle is real.






These were taken right before the insta-winter started. It was still a little cold, but not TOO bad. I really enjoy this outfit. I love my cat dress, I love buffalo-checked things, and I love mixing patterns. I also love that my hair is still dark, though I can tell now that it has faded a lot. I kind of like it a little faded, though, because it actually looks dark brown and not black. I might dye it again in a few months, but I have to think about it. I think the dark hair would be interesting contrasted with bright and pastel spring colors.






The fall semester is almost over, and while it hasn't been nearly as stressful as the summer semester was, I'll still be glad to have an extended break. This is pretty much the only time that I get a long break from classes since I take them every semester - fall, spring, AND summer. I always get about a month off for Christmas, and it's glorious. After this, I'll have one more class and then I'll be done...FOREVER....again. I say this because I thought I was done forever when I graduated my undergrad, but now I'll REALLY be done forever. I like being a student, but sometimes it sucks.






When I'm done with school, I really want to get involved with theater again. I miss it a lot. I'd like to find a community theater group to be a part of. I really want to be in Rocky Horror, but that is more likely to happen next fall around Halloween time. There's nothing like being on stage and feeling the energy that comes from it, working with the actors and engaging the audience. I love to perform and I wish I had more chances to do it more. I would really love to get into burlesque, but there's nothing around here. There's a place that offers classes, which I think would be a lot of fun, but it's a pretty lengthy drive and it can get kinda pricey. Again, maybe next year I'll be able to do it, but then there will be school loan payments to worry about...






It's so hard for me to wait for Thanksgiving to finally be here. I'm way too excited about getting to stuff my face full of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and apple pie. I wish I could eat Thanksgiving dinner every day of my life. There's nothing like roasted poultry. Fried, breaded, grilled, baked...all of that is good for chicken and turkey, but nothing beats the amazingness that is a roasted chicken or turkey. I was in heaven when we went to Medieval





Dress: H&M//Shirt, Scarf & Belt: Forever 21//Tights: Simply Vera by Vera Wang//Shoes: Urban Outfitters//Lipstick: Flirt!
I'm going to be making a dessert for Thanksgiving, and I'm thinking it's going to be a pumpkin coffee cake. I've made it before, and it came out really good. It's pretty simple to make, too. I'm glad that pumpkin desserts are still in season pretty much up to Christmas. I'm not too into pumpkin pie because of the texture, though it's still pretty good. Apple pie is my all time favorite pie. I know it's kind of cliche and boring, but it's also a classic. You can't go wrong with it, and anything apple and cinnamon is amazing.


  1. That dress! I'm obsessed with that cat dress and I must have it, haha. It's gotten insanely cold pretty fast this year. I'm thankful as hell that I'm not living in upstate NY that's for sure! Beautiful photos as always!

    -Marie x

  2. Love the pics and look, very cute!!!

  3. I like how with the scarf in plaid, the cat faces seem to take on a sort of houndstooth print look to them, like they are a black and white echo of the scarf pattern.

  4. I absolutely love this post - the colours are just perfect, and your whole outfit is gorgeous. And I love your hair. And I am now a follower - what a fantastic blog you have!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  5. Haha, oh boy do I know what you mean when you say that it's hard to shop during the winter. I try to make it easier for myself by wearing easier to take off clothes, but boy it's still a hassle.

    I love the outfit! What a cute dress. The bandana/scarf is a great pop of color! ((Also that cardigan that he's wearing looks like one my boyfriend almost bought the other day!))

    And I'm right with you on theatre. I'm going to miss it greatly, but I simply have no time as a college student.

    Peace and Love,

  6. These pictures with the fall leaves turned out so gorgeous! I love this cat dress and the fun patterned tights you paired with it. You look fantastic! I hope you're staying warm now though. I think almost the entire country ended up with weirdly cold weather lately.

    Also hooray for almost being done with grad school! It really feels good to be done but then the job hunt begins. I hope you have an easier time getting life settled afterward than I have! It's really great to be completely done with school forever though! I feel you with wanting to get involved with theatre again too, but I'm not sure there'll be time once I find a job. Life is expensive. But I do miss being in musicals.

    Jamie |

  7. Lookning so sweet together! Interesnting scarf!

  8. Prettiest girl on the internet!