Saturday, January 31, 2015

Quick Pics

2015 is off to a pretty good start! I started off the year with most of my favorite people, and we had a good time together. I did my eye makeup the same as Christmas, except I used gold glitter liner instead of silver. You gotta have gold and glitter for New Year's!





The entire series of Friends became available on Netflix on the 1st, so Chris and I have been power watching it. We are already in season 5. I've seen all the episodes multiple times, but Chris hasn't watched too much of it. He isn't really a fan of sitcoms with laugh tracks, though I think that Friends wasn't ALL laugh tracks. I think they had a studio audience sometimes. It's definitely grown on him. It definitely gets better as the series progresses.


Not much else went on this month. I tried out some fun space-inspired eye makeup. I put pearls on my cousin's cat to see how she'd react. I had a sleepover with my friends and we made champagne punch and talked and watched movies, then we had an amazing breakfast the next day. Lots of relaxing, not too crazy things. January is kind of a lull of a month. The holidays are over and it's sort of like a month to just breathe and not do much. Plus it's always cold, so there's not much TO go out and do...






Speaking of cold, Winter Storm Juno made its way up here, but we didn't get hit as bad as I thought we were going to. Nemo definitely hit us way worse a couple of years ago. The snow was up to my waist with that storm. I think we only got about 6 inches around here with Juno. We were still snowed in since there was a travel ban and the roads had to be cleared and whatnot, and I of course ended up getting cabin fever. I was kind of looking forward to a huge blizzard, though. There's something about crazy weather that's so interesting and fascinating to witness. Plus Chris and I wanted to build another igloo. If tornadoes didn't completely terrify me, then I would love to see one in person. If there was a way that I knew I'd survive and be safe, I'd probably go chase one. When we got hit by one of the hurricanes, I wanted to go down to the beach and watch it. Anyway...we were snowed in so Ashley made delicious chocolate chip pancakes and eggs. :)


Although January has been pretty chill (har har har), I did celebrate my five year blogiversary last week! It's nice to have a relaxing month, and although we did get snow, we made it pretty far into the winter season without any major snowfall. We're supposed to get more on Monday, though. I don't mind it so much now that I'm in my own place, as long as I don't have to drive in it!


  1. Aaaw cute pictures! You look so pretty, I like your hair and make-up Sara! :)

  2. Great photos! You look beautiful!