Thursday, February 12, 2015

ModCloth Layering Challenge

So, who else loves Valentine's Day, but hates the cold? I enjoy Valentine's Day and I love all the color schemes that go along with it, but I hate that it's in the winter. It really limits what you can do date-wise to celebrate the holiday. In the winter, I try to layer as much as possible to keep warm, but still be able to wear something other than jeans and a sweater. I find that when wearing a dress or a skirt, it helps to makeup for the lack of leg coverage with upper body coverage.

ModCloth recently contacted me and asked me to put together a layered look for the colder months, and I was excited to do so! As I browsed their sweaters, the Best Heart About It cardigan caught my eye as Valentine's Day is on my mind. I decided to create a Valentine's look that would be both cute and warm. Here is the mock up of the outfit I came up with that I would wear for Valentine's Day. I have three layers on top - the black blouse would go under the red top with the necktie peeking out. I love layering blouses with these sorts of bow ties attached. It adds a sort of polished touch to an otherwise casual look. On top of these two layers, I would add the heart print cardigan. It's not Valentine's Day without hearts...and it's not winter without cardigans and/or sweaters. Obviously I chose this one for a Valentine's outfit, but there are a ton more to choose from if you are like me and need to layer to survive the wrath of winter. 
The cardigan would go over the blouse and top and it would all be tucked under the pink skirt. I love the flared shape of the skirt. It gives off a flirty and romantic vibe and would balance out all the layers on the top. Pink and red are Valentine's staples and I love to pair them together! I am a fan of mixing all kinds of colors together...hence the adding of the gold shoes. I love how gold looks with both red and pink!

To add some more warmth to the outfit, I would definitely wear a coat and gloves, but would keep both of them neutral and plain to let the red and pink remain the main focus of the outfit. Finally, tights are always a must to keep warm and I love the sheer polka dot pattern of the pair I chose for this outfit. I felt that too crazy of a pattern would be too distracting and overkill, but a solid black pair of tights would be too blocky and heavy. The sheer pattern gives it a light and subtle touch. 

I love the post card clutch because I love letters. It makes me think of the olden days when people would actually write love letters to each other....before all this newfangled technology mumbo-jumbo. I'm a romantic at heart and a firm believer in good old-fashioned handwritten love letters. :)

Stay warm, everyone!

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