Monday, February 23, 2015

Tips for Traveling By Plane

I haven't flown to many different places, but I've flown many times. My parents have a timeshare in Florida, so we have been going there every year since I was about 2 years old. After many years of having an annual flight, you get pretty good at maneuvering the airport, packing, and dealing with flying in general.

Plan Your Outfits

Being a fashion blogger and loving clothes means that I tend to overpack and like to have a variety of things to choose from. The over-thinker and planner in me also thinks of all the scenarios that I need to be prepared for. What if I spill something on myself? What if I'm having a fat day? What if I'm going to do something athletic? ....See what I mean? I like to think I've gotten better at not overpacking now. I still pack more outfits than I need, but now I try to use the same pieces to create different outfits. For instance, I will have two pairs of shorts, but 4 different tops that I could wear with them instead of having 8 pairs of shorts and 8 tops.


Make A List

While I'm planning ahead, I make an Excel sheet with all the things I'm going to pack. I categorize by item type and then when I'm packing, I check things off as I put them in my suitcase. This is why I like to use Excel because I can have a little column for checkmarks. I even have things like accessories, electronics, and toiletries listed. This allows you to see just how much you're bringing all laid out on a sheet and also allows you to make sure you don't forget anything! Also, this allows you to know exactly what's in your suitcase in case anything somehow goes missing. (Can you tell I'm somewhat of a pessimist?)


Prepare To Entertain Yourself

Plane rides are boring. Every now and then, it's exciting to look down and see little towns under you and how everything looks like toys. For the most part, it's boring and you need to be prepared for this. Plane rides are a great time to get work done or to read a really great book. I find them to be a very productive time. Too bad they only happen once a year for me. Is it weird that I think I'd be a more productive person if I flew more? Some airlines have TVs with a bunch of channels or a movie or a ton of radio stations to listen to, or all of the above. Some planes don't. Always come prepared. I always take my laptop on board with me. Because I don't want to pay for WiFi, it's a good time to work on editing pictures or writing papers because I can't get distracted by the Internet or my phone. I also always bring my iPod and some books to read. Sometimes I'll bring a magazine if the mood strikes me. Usually, laptop, books, and music are all I need.

[My phone is in place of my iPod as I was too lazy to go out to my car and get it.]

Dressing For Your Flight

There are two things I consider when picking an outfit for my flight: getting through security and my destination. You're probably going to have to take your shoes off, so wear ones that come off easily. I usually wear boots that zip since I'm usually traveling in the winter. I'm also usually going to Florida, so I like to dress in layers that can easily come off once I get to the warmth and that will keep me warm when I return to the deep freeze that is New England. I also like to wear jeans and a sweater that will come in handy on cool nights during my trip. I choose a color that goes with a lot. That way, it's less stuff I have to pack.

Carry On

Usually, you are allowed one bag and one personal item as a carry on. For me, this usually means a purse and my laptop (in its bag). In the laptop bag, I put my reading materials. In my purse, I put my camera. This assures that I can have all of my electronics and valuables with my person during the flight. Since you can only bring on two things, maximize your space! Skip bringing snacks and drinks, unless you're really a health nut or have serious food allergies. Airlines usually provide a pretty decent complimentary snack pack and drink, so your snacks will just take up space. You can always eat something before you board or after you land at the airport if you're desperate for more food.


Other tips:

  • You should generally arrive at the airport two hours before your flight leaves
  • When packing, keep in mind that it's likely you will come back with more than you brought. Be sure to allow room in your luggage for souvenirs!
  • Bring gum if the ear-popping bothers you, or just blast your music through your headphones really loud
  • Go to the bathroom right before boarding. Avoiding that tiny, bumpy airplane bathroom is always nice.
  • If you have a generic looking suitcase, mark it with something noticeable or colorful. Tie some ribbon around the handle or get creative with Duck Tape. It'll help you find it much faster at baggage claim.
  • Remove as much clothing and jewelry beforehand as you can before you have to go through security. Don't be that guy that holds up the line.
  • Enjoy your "me-time" and don't forget to peek out the window every now and then! :)


  1. Everyone always laughs when I mention how early we get to the airport. It's a good idea to get there about two hours before at least and allow time when travelling there for traffic delays and travel time, especially if you are unfamiliar with the place. So far except on a tour, I have never had to rush for a plane. Its especially important if you're on a budget airline as they have very little flexibility.

    As for your other tips they are all spot on! :) It's always better to go to the toilet before you board and my own trick for suitcase identification is surveyors tape tied into bow.

    Alecia xx :)

  2. Oh yes yes and yes! These are some great tipps! I follow the same guidelines when I have a flight coming up!

  3. I'm a bad one for over-packing - I leave everything until last minute and pack what is basically my whole wardrobe. planning outfits and making lists is a really good idea!

  4. Awesome tips! I also find wearing skirt and just a simple top with ballet flats gets you through the security gate faster. When it comes to shoes I have some teal problems? I would love to take them all but I go with
    Ballet Flats (casual and cute)
    Flip Flops (for the beach and swimming)
    White Canvas Keds (great for long walks and looks cute with skirt or sun dress, easy to pack)
    White High Heels (in case I go out for a formal dinner)
    I find this simple to go by when take a trip to Mexico,
    Do you have any other suggestions for shoes?

  5. I'm the worst at arriving to the airport less than an hour before my flight departs! I've never had to be there more than an hour early, though; I guess my airport is pretty easy to get through even though it is a larger one. I tend to arrive later if I have a seat assignment, so if I'm flying Southwest, I'll get there with enough time to catch my boarding group. I hate sitting around in the airport. :)

    xo Kimi