Monday, March 23, 2015

Dose of Disney

After all the excitement of our first day at Universal/The Wizarding World, we took a couple of days to slow down and do some more relaxing things like lay by the pool and go shopping. One of these days we spent the afternoon visiting Downtown Disney. It's nice, especially when you're not visiting any of the Disney parks, to go here and get a little dose of Disney.


The main reason I love going to Downtown Disney is the giant Disney store called World of Disney. They have a lot of Disney merchandise, but it's not just typical gift shop stuff. It's all licensed and there are so many different rooms for things like jewelry, housewares, clothing for men, women, and children, toys and stuffed animals, and more. The problem I've noticed is that they don't actually get too many new things over the years. They always have new stuff for the year like 2015 magnets and snowglobes and mugs and whatnot. And they have new things for what's popular such as Frozen, but the other stuff is pretty much the same every year. They did have some new Disney Princess mugs that were cool looking, though.




We always have to stop in the Ghirardelli store because they pass out free samples of their chocolate. It's usually their caramel filled squares, but it's still delicious. It also smells AMAZING in there because they have a cafe where they make all kinds of crazy chocolate drinks and treats.


We ate at Planet Hollywood, which is usually where we eat when we go to Downtown Disney. Sometimes we eat at Rainforest Cafe or T-REX, though. They are going to be opening a lot of new restaurants and I think new shops too within the next year or two in a new section they're calling Disney Springs. I can't wait to experience some new things there!




There are actually a lot of things that we've never actually done at Downtown Disney. We just have no interest in it. There is a bowling alley and Cirque du Soleil, as well as House of Blues. Of course, there's also the balloon that it took me about four tries to actually get to go up in! I got to go in it last year. This year when we went, the balloon wasn't going up due to the wind. I swear it's every time I go that it's not up. Other days we drive down the highway and we can see it in the air!



I always like to visit The Candy Cauldron. They have specialty apples that are always awesomely decorated. But the reason I go is for the giant Mickey-shaped cookies. Unfortunately, this year they were out of the peanut butter one I wanted!




I got this Lindy Bop dress for Christmas and I couldn't wait for warmer weather to wear it. I knew I had to take it to Florida with me. It's so summery and just pretty much begs for warm weather. Classic red gingham is always fun to wear, and this dress is really comfortable and light! Lindy Bop just has great things. :)


Dress: Lindy Bop//Shoes: Payless//Sunglasses: Lucky Brand//Lipstick: Flirt!
My next post from Florida will probably be more Harry Potter/Universal stuff, so be prepared for more magic and awesomeness! :D


  1. Aaahhh, cuteness! I love Disney World.

  2. I m in love with your dress! It is adorable. And photos are so cute :)

  3. Somehow I had no idea there is a Downtown Disney. It sounds like a fun place to visit though! And your dress is so perfect for a warm Florida day. That gingham is just so cute and the shape is wonderful on you. I'm loving the contrasting yellow shoes too!

    Jamie |

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