Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hogwarts Makeup: Ravenclaw

Here is the next installment of my Hogwarts-inspired makeup posts. I am a Ravenclaw. It's what I got sorted into when I had joined Pottermore, which I don't really use all that often anymore. I was happy to be sorted into Ravenclaw. I think as a librarian, it suits me well as they value knowledge and learning.




The house colors of Ravenclaw are blue and silver in the movies and blue in bronze in the books, so I decided to incorporate all three. I am in love with this bronze lipstick from NYX Cosmetics. It's unique, but not too crazy, so it can be pulled off with different looks and for different occasions.




I did a larger wing for my liner and shadow since Ravenclaw is bird-themed. Its animal is the eagle, even though raven is in the name of the house. It's a pretty simple and basic look. Definitely less dramatic than Slytherin.





Oh, how I wish Hogwarts were real...or that I lived closer to Florida so that I could easily drive there for a weekend trip to the Wizarding World. I think if I lived close enough, I would get a season pass if they had one and spend many days wandering around and going on all the rides, not just the Harry Potter ones. I am so curious as to how they are changing the Jurassic Park ride. I will assume they are going to update it with Jurassic World stuff. Hopefully it will be ready by the next time I go!


  1. Love the make up! And it looks better on you ! :D

  2. DUDE. Coolest idea ever. Love the wing and the colors!

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