Tuesday, June 9, 2015


These photos were also taken in April. I am slowly getting through my backlog of shoots and outfits. Can you actually tell that my hair is red in these photos? I had just dyed it about a week before these were taken, so you can kinda tell it's reddish. It didn't last very long since it didn't change my hair color THAT much and it washes out in a a couple of months or so. I can't wait to dye my hair dark again. Part of me wants to do it now, part of me wants to wait until the fall when I always do it. Part of me also really wishes I didn't care about saving my natural hair color and having to bleach it so that I can have a cool pastel hair color or a nice bright red.





I know it's just hair, but I don't know why something doesn't sit right with me having to strip my hair and lighten it and go through a whole process to get a different color, and then when I want my real hair back having to wait it out while it grows back and risk it looking weird and awkward while that happens. I'm not too in the know when it comes to hair dying processes, but that's what I imagine would happen. I am open to any suggestions for those of you who know more about this stuff. I suppose I could dye it to a color that's close to my natural hair until my actual hair grows out enough?





This dress is another that I got from Lindy Bop. It was a Christmas gift from Chris's mom. It was one of the many dresses that I was lusting after on their website. There are too many that I want! I love the classic shape and print of this one, but I also love that it's brown and not the classic black and white. It reminds me of I Love Lucy, though it's hard to understand why since that show was in black and white. I love Lucille Ball so much...





The cardigan was a more recent find...probably towards the beginning of the year. It's actually from J.Crew, but I found it at Goodwill for probably about $7. I love the peachy color. It's really springy and it's easy to pair it with a lot of different colors.




Dress & Belt: Lindy Bop//Sweater: J.Crew (thrifted)//Shoes: Payless//Sunglasses: Delia's
Unfortunately, these shoes just recently broke on me. :\ I wore them to the renaissance faire last weekend and one of the straps broke while I was trying to get it back up on my foot. I'm really upset about it since I loved these shoes. They were the perfect shade of yellow, they were decently comfortable and I love the bow on them. They reminded me of Minnie Mouse. Needless to say, I am now in the market for new mustardy yellow shoes. I'm sure I will find something sometime soon!


  1. It's completely normal to cling to your natural hair color! After all, it's what you were born with and it's special because it's you. I've personally never dyed my hair (and don't plan to) but I know a lot of people who dyed it so much they can't remember what it used to look like. O.o Love love love the dress! (and the shoes are adorable as well, hope you find a good replacement)


  2. These shoes really are cute! It sucks that they broke but I hope you find a pair you love even more to replace them. Your dotted dress is gorgeous too. I think the peach cardigan is perfect with it.

    Also you can definitely lighten your hair a bit with a good dye without bleaching it out first. As long as your dye has a developer in it you can lighten a few steps. I don't bleach mine at all. And if you want to go blonde or some awesome pastel color you can always get your hair back to a similar shade as your natural color with a trip to a colorist. It's just hair and you can always change it! :)

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  3. You look gorgeous in our Audrey dress! Thank you for sharing. LB xx

  4. I love lindy bop dresses! They're really well made for the prices. And who can resist polka dots?

    What dye do you use when you color your hair dark? I'd like to try a yummy chocolate brown but I'm also hesitant to ruin my natural color. Any semipermanent brand/shade recommendations?

    1. I like to use Ion Color Brilliance. It's a demi-permanent, so it lasts a good while (about 3-4 months for me) and gradually washes out and fades. I think the dark brown lasts longer for me than the red.

  5. Such a sweet vintage outfit. I like how you've given it a little twist with the yellow shoes :)