Thursday, July 2, 2015

July Wishlist (And a Coupon!)

I am more and more into jumpsuits and rompers, lately. Well...I have always been into rompers. They are just such an easy outfit! That's probably why I have a few on my wishlist this month. I love the fruit-print ones from Unique Vintage, and I have the burgundy jumpsuit from ModCloth in black, so I know that it's absolutely comfortable and flattering. I wish I could wear it everyday. I want it in every color.

eShakti is such a wonderful company. They are really accommodating because they can custom make any of their products to your measurements! It's great! I am really liking the pair of shorts I featured in my wishlist because they are high-waisted, but not too short and cheeky. They actually have more jumpsuits and shorts now, which I'm really excited about...especially since sometimes it can be hard to find a jumpsuit that fits my leg length. They also have themed collections such as Bohemian and Contemporary. I sometimes enjoy shopping within a theme if I know that I'm looking for something specific. I really just like having a lot of different options on how to shop and search a website, which eShakti has. eShakti is actually offering my readers a $35 gift coupon for you all to use! Just use code SWINDAYWAYES35 at checkout to receive the discount! This code expires on 7/10/15 and your order must total a minimum of $30 in order to use it.

Lindy Bop forever steals my heart with their dresses. I love the nautical feel that the navy striped halter dress gives. Speaking of nautical, I love that lighthouse print dress from Bonne Chance Collections. Lighthouses are one of my favorite things ever! :D

Finally, I am so excited about ColourPop's new line of ultra matte lipsticks. Unfortunately, their website got really overwhelmed with everyone trying to buy them when they came out that it was very hard to get an order in and then they were sold out within about a day or two. I was really disappointed. I am eagerly waiting for an announcement that they are back in stock. I particularly want to try out LAX, Bumble, Tulle, and Limbo. Pacific looks really pretty as well. Hopefully they will be back in stock soon!


  1. I'm waiting for those matte lipsticks too. I figured they'd all be sold out and the website would be ridiculous so I didn't even try that day. I'll save up for when they're all back in stock! The problem is I want like half of them,

    Jamie |

  2. Ohhhhh that lighthouse dressss...Bonne Chance collections is one of my favs. Lindy bop has some adorable dresses as well.