Thursday, August 20, 2015

August Wishlist

As it seems is per usual for me, I am pretty much over summer and cannot wait for autumn. I am not into the almost 90-degree heat, the humidity, the boringness of summer outfits, the sweating, the constant need for A/C. Don't get me wrong. I love nice, summer days and warm weather, but when it's always too hot and humid it gets to be a little much. I am a fan of 65-75 degree days. When the winters last forever and the spring takes forever to get here, I welcome the beginning of summer with open arms, but by the time August rolls around, I'm usually done with it. The countdown to October has begun, people.

You will notice that my wishlist this month is very fall-focused, and even a little Halloween-focused (skeleton tights and Hocus Pocus t-shirt, anyone? That t-shirt needs to be in my life). I am so ready for boots, deeper, richer colors, and layers. I especially can't wait to dye my hair darker again and then have some fun with colorful lipsticks. Right now, I've got my eye on a deep green shade from Colourpop, as well as one of their newest additions - a blue liquid matte lipstick. I really just want to collect all of the Colourpop lipsticks.

I have been gravitating more to the grungy/gothy/edgy look lately when I shop. I keep wanting to get a pair of Doc Martens, but they're so expensive and I feel like they'd look awkward on me, but I really like the white and black ones that ModCloth is carrying. I have also been wanting that dinosaur dress that they have for years now, I believe. I also LOVE the blue boots I found on there too.


  1. Great wishlist! Love the sunglasses!


  2. Similar here: here: and here: or these are fun :)

  3. These have hidden skellies. :)