Monday, December 28, 2015

Mele Kalikimaka

Mele Kalikimaka is one of my favorite Christmas songs, and this year it was definitely fitting for the weather we had. It felt (and still feels) like spring here. It was a very anti-New England Christmas. No snow, no cold, just 60 degree weather and rain. I'm not complaining.




I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas had a lovely one! I luckily had Christmas Eve off, so I got to lounge around, get a workout in, do some baking, and take my time getting ready for the night's festivities. Chris had to work until 5, so we left pretty much as soon as he was out. We spent Christmas Eve with his dad's side of the family, and then with my grandparents/mom's side of the family. We had a great dinner and LOTS of cookies.





Christmas Day (which is when these photos were taken) was very relaxing and fun. We went to my parents' house where I opened presents with them in the morning, then opened presents with my niece and nephew once they got there with my brother and sister in law. After all of that, they left and Chris came over to have dinner with us. My mom made all my favorite foods, which was exciting! Oven roast, mashed potatoes, stuffed artichokes, pepperoni bread. It was awesome. I made pumpkin pie for dessert, which is my dad's favorite. I used to hate pumpkin pie, but I love it too now and the recipe I have is a really good one.





I got a lot of great stuff for Christmas this year! Some dresses I've had my eye on, some things I really needed like long sleeve shirts and black boots. I got a lot of Harry Potter jewelry, which was awesome. I also got lots of gift cards, too, which always come in handy!




As for what I wore for Christmas Day, I had decided to go with a classic red this year. I saw this dress on Lindy Bop's website and knew it would be perfect. The style is actually called Holly! It's a classic cut, a nice Christmasy red, and it was sleeved! Of course, that didn't really end up mattering this year, but it's always good to have some sleeved dresses for the winter. I also wore my green Lindy Bop dress from last year's Christmas for Christmas Eve this year.




I had got the green shoes from ModCloth over a month ago and decided to save them for Christmas. I wanted to wear them pretty badly before, but I waited it out. I usually do red or green with gold or silver, but this year I opted for both red and green together. I wore red shoes with my green dress on Christmas Eve, too!




Last year, I had gotten this holly crown from the Etsy shop OrangeYouPeachy. I had to wear it again this year. I mean, it's really the only time of year to wear it. I think it will definitely be an annual thing to wear this crown for Christmas.



Dress: Lindy Bop//Shoes: ModCloth//Holly Crown: OrangeYouPeachy//Necklace: H&M//Tights: Target//Lipstick: Colourpop
How was your Christmas? What were your favorite gifts?! I definitely still get too excited to sleep the night before...haha. :)