Sunday, February 14, 2016

That's Amore

Happy Valentine's Day! Chris and I went to the casino last night since he had to work this afternoon. We didn't really gamble. We actually ended up playing arcade games and then eating. We had fun! He got me a set of Harry Potter Funko POP dolls that I wanted and he also made me a handmade present. It's a giant mason jar full of different colored popsicle sticks. Whatever color I pick out depends on what we get to do that day! It was very sweet and awesome of him to make. :) I got him a carabiner that is imprinted with the coordinates of the place where we had our first date! We spent today just relaxing together and eating grilled cheese until he had to work.





I am excited to have tomorrow off for Presidents' Day. I had to work Saturday, so this means that I still get a weekend and not just one day off, then have to go back to work. This week will be a short one and then next weekend I am going to play bingo with a bunch of friends. Hopefully I win something!





I am back in this greenhouse that I love to go to in the winter to get away from the cold and lack of greenery. It's always around 65 degrees in there and full of plants and flowers. It's such a nice escape when I feel like I'm going to lose my mind due to the bare trees and bland days. I still think there should be a greenhouse park for people to go to in the winter with benches and a fountain and whatnot. That'd be awesome and I'd go all the time to be "outside" in the winter without really being outside in the cold.







I am wearing this gorgeous dress from Unique Vintage that Chris actually got me last year, I believe for our anniversary. I had worn it for Easter last year. It's such a pretty color, and I love the way the mesh overlay looks over the color of the lining. I also love the sleeves!






The necklace is handed down from my mom. She had a set of jewelry with this same kind of rose gold flower, and I have a couple of the pieces. I love how delicate and pretty they are.





I started using this app called Sleep Cycle. It monitors your sleep and is also an alarm clock. You give it a half hour window to wake you up in and it wakes you up during that half hour at a time when you are in a light sleep so that you don't wake up feeling groggy out of a deep sleep. It uses your phone's microphone to track your sleep. I guess it can tell from your movements what kind of sleep you're in. According to it, I don't get very good quality of sleep. I am not surprised. I am always tired and rarely feel refreshed after I wake up. That's something I have to work on.






Also speaking of phones, I finally stopped living in the stone age and updated the iOS on my iPhone. I was still on iOS 7 so some of my apps weren't able to update anymore, which got annoying. The issue was that I never had enough space on my phone for the update. I finally got fed up and went on a deleting spree (backing up everything beforehand, of course) and managed to get enough space on my phone to finally download and install the update to iOS 9. It feels good to be up to date and have space again.






Oh, but that's not all. I was behind on my computer updates as well. I was still using Snow Leopard. I finally updated to El Capitan. To be honest, I don't see a huge difference in performance, but my laptop is going to be 6 years old this fall, so it's not exactly new. I dread when I have to get a new one. One because it'll be expensive, and two because it will be a nightmare to make sure I transfer everything and don't lose anything. I'm one of those people who has severe anxiety about losing my files. I would probably have a Kim Kardashian ugly cry-face meltdown.



Dress: Unique Vintage//Tights: Target//Shoes: Aerosoles//Sweater: H&M//Necklace: Handed down//Lipstick: LORAC Cosmetics
I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! Now to look forward to the day after Valentine's Day half-price candy sale! :)


  1. Did you know that if you plug your phone into your computer and update through iTunes, you don't have to make space for it?! My phone is seriously ALWAYS full. Always. It was basically a dream when I learned that I didn't have to delete everything to update it! Also I totally want to try that Sleep Cycle app...!

  2. Oh man, I wish I knew that beforehand!! Good to know!

  3. This is the best dress ever!!!!