Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Anniversary in Boston, Pt. 2

On the second day of our anniversary weekend getaway in Boston, we had some pizza at one of Chris's favorite places called New York Pizza. They sell these giant slices that are pretty much like a quarter of a whole pizza.





We also went to the Mapparium which is located in the Mary Baker Eddy Library. It's a giant three-story globe that you can walk inside. It's made out of hand-painted stained glass, and it's gorgeous! The other cool and kind of creepy thing about it is that if you stand on opposite sides of the walkway, you can whisper and everyone else will hear you as if you are speaking right in their ears. So, this place was pretty much like a simulation of what it must feel like to hear voices in your head. Chris started whispering "Give me Harry Potter" like Voldemort in Deathly Hallows, which I found hilarious.






I decided to go for warmth and comfort on this trip since it was in March and still cold out and we were going to be doing a lot of walking. I wore the t-shirt that Chris actually designed and had printed for me as a gift years ago. He drew the whole thing himself and had it printed, so it's a one-of-a-kind piece of work! I love giraffes and space, so he combined the two!




Shirt: Custom//Skirt: Boohoo//Sweater: H&M//Tights: Apt. 9//Boots: American Eagle//Belt: Forever 21//Lipstick: LORAC Cosmetics
We ventured to a giant antique store called Cambridge Antique Market that had about 3 or 4 floors to it. We both found some cool pins there. They had so many things that it took a while to go through it all. They have everything from jewelry to furniture to bikes to clothing to toys and more. They have literally everything. It was awesome!




Our last stop was the Downeast Cidery! I was really excited to go because Downeast is one of my favorite ciders and I love going to these places in general.





They gave us a tour of the facility and we got to sample a few different ciders including their maple blend. We ended up buying two growlers to take home. Chris got the bigger one and I got the smaller one. We both got their original blend. I ended up mixing some of it with some apple pie liquor, which makes for a delicious cocktail. I also got a t-shirt as well!





We had such a great trip! I was so excited to surprise Chris with this weekend getaway and we got to see and do so much. We have been to Boston plenty of times and while we visited some of the familiar places, we also saw a lot of new things this time around which was awesome!

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