Thursday, February 11, 2010

Warm Primaries, Cold Day

There was a snow day yesterday and a delay today! I feel so caught up on sleep, but not so much that I feel as though I've gotten too much.
I love snow days, but after about four hours I start to get a little cabin fever. It was too bad out to go anywhere, though. I really wanted to take some pretty pictures in the woods, but I had to settle for just my backyard.

My mom and I shoveled the driveway together yesterday. It ended with a snowball fight and resulted in a sore back. :\ I'll probably end up taking a nice, warm bath later. :)

I realized that I rarely wear really bright primary colors. I usually wear purples and blues and browns and pastels. Being surrounded by so much white, I thought it'd be fun to wear some bright colors.

Shirt: Mudd
Skirt: Forever 21

Sweater: Vera Wang

Oxfords: Angelo Luzio (thrifted)

Beret: Forever 21

Tights are label-less

Necklace: Handed down from my great grandmother

I ended up changing into my BC Footwear boots because they're taller on my legs. I still ended up with some dirt marks on my tights. :\

The necklace is one of the pieces of jewelry that I was talking about in my last post that was given to me by my great grandmother. I like that the string is rope-like...and I like the pendant, of course.

It was super windy today! I had to take my hat off while I walked around campus because it kept almost blowing away.

I have tomorrow off from school so Anthony and I are going to spend the day together. We're going to see The Lightning Thief :D. I read the book for my Children's Lit class last semester and loved it. It reminds me a lot of Harry Potter, except it's a bit different. The author incorporates the Greek gods and goddesses into the series which I think is interesting. Mythology is pretty neat.
I haven't really had time to try out my new tripod. I'm hoping to get to do that tomorrow as well.

[I took some pictures indoors because it was just so cold and blustery out!]


  1. You're not the first blogger I've seen going for the bright colors to balance the snow. I guess it's true what they say about great minds thinking alike! :)

  2. Love those white tights...

  3. Cute photos! I love the red against the bright snow!