Friday, March 19, 2010

Frolicking in the Park!

I had the best day yesterday! Prepare for a bit of picture overload.
My friend Meaghan and I went to the park. It was such a nice day for it! She brought a picnic basket full of snacks and Yoo-Hoo, which was delightful. :)

We sat on a blanket and listened to music as we came up with a list of adventures to take this summer! We also did cartwheels, frolicked, and took silly pictures.

[Meaghan and I]

After that, we ventured over to the swing set and swung for a bit!

From there, we moved on to the playground.



[We were jumping on a bouncy bridge. Haha.]

After running around on the playground, we sat on a bench that overlooked the marina and chatted.

[Pussy willooooow.]

We had a lovely afternoon! I love going to the park. It reminds me of being a kid and I love to be outside, enjoying the sunshine. :)

I took some outfit shots of what I wore earlier in the day before we went. I really love this dress. I love prairie dresses and this one has the cutest pattern. They're little sunflowers (one of my favorite flowers!)!

This dress is one of my many eBay finds. It's from the 70's! It's in really good condition though and I love the fit and how comfortable it is.

Dress: Vintage from the 70's
Sweater: Vera Wang

Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Gap

Sunglasses: Forever 21

[Just the dress. A little too bright, though. :\]


  1. i love this dress on you so much and these pictures are so much fun! i love trips to the park and playing on the playground, haha. that's so sweet that you guys had a picnic with a basket and all as well :)

  2. A few summers ago, I went to the park almost everyday! I wish I still did, but my neighborhood stopped taking good care of it. It's so sad! I love your prairie dress too, eve more bc of the sunflowers :]

  3. you look so sweet! what a great vintage prairie dress... your making me crave a picnic for this lovely weather!!

  4. This seems like such a cute and fun day. You both look so cute and sweet. I love this! Yoo hoos are so good, too! :)

  5. So cute! Looks like the perfect day. Brett and I are in love with simplicity - like picnics and playgrounds! I can't wait until our weather is just a tad warmer so we can do things like this!

  6. What a fun day!! I love the dress too, so cute!

  7. Oh, and btw, I gave you an award over at my blog a couple of weeks ago... its no big deal, but I thought you should know. Thanks for the inspiration!

    PS: If you want to take a look, its right here: