Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunshine Award!

I have been so behind, blogwise! It's terrible! I'm a little late on this, but better late than never! A couple of weeks ago, I received a Sunshine Award from Marie at The Joy of Fashion! Eeep!

The award is for bloggers "whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blog world". It means a lot to me that Marie included me in the 12 recipients she chose! I am honored. She is such an inspiring and gorgeous girl with excellent style. :) Thanks so much!

According to the rules of this award, I have to:
1. Post the logo on my blog
2. Pass the award on to 12 fellow bloggers

3. Link the nominees' blogs so others can get to know them

4. Let nominees know they have won this award by commenting on their blog
5. Share the love and link to the person you received this award from

If it were up to me, I'd give this award to everyone because you all deserve it! I have only experienced creativity and positivity from every single blog I've gone to and blogger I've talked to. I have never experienced any negativity in any form from anyone, only support. It's really great that we can all come together and share this passion. When I get excited over a new dress or pair of shoes, I know that you all know exactly how I feel. haha. Everyone is so supportive of one another and it's awesome. Seriously, you are ALL inspiring. :)

Alas, I have to pick 12, so here they are!

1. Pauline from Paulinabelle
2. Starr from A Thought is the Blossom
3. Tieka from Selective Potential
4. Caitlin from Waking Life
5. Kristin from Leproust Vintage
6. Maria from Lulu Letty
7. Brittany from Finders Keepers
8. Annie from Time Enough For Drums
9. Mitzi Cocoa from Night Lights
10. Rosie from Rosemud
11. Abbey from Abbey Karson
12. Sara from She Is Sara

There you go! 12 bloggers to check out and get inspired by! Thanks again to Marie and I want to say thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of me and this blog. Working on my blog makes me happy and is something I really enjoy. It's because of all of you that I was inspired to create this blog and I'm glad I am able to share it with you all. Thanks for reading! I appreciate every one of you. <3


  1. Aaaww! You deserve it! I'm so happy you enjoyed the award, you were one of the first people I thought of when I was making the list! Keep up the great blog!


  2. Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for thinking of me!


    Lulu Letty

  3. Congratulations..well deserved! :) And great choice on the 12..they are all amazing. I love your blog! x

  4. Congrats! Thank you so much for passing this into me! :) I am in good company with the other lovely ladies.

  5. Congrats on the award! I've stumbled upon your blog awhile ago, it's great to see that you're updating again! I love your style, I definitely wouldn't hesitate stealing/borrowing your wardrobe, can't lie. :)

    Toast with Charmalade

  6. Sarah, thank you so much for this! You are so sweet and seriously.. why don't we live a wee bit closer.. or both able to attend the Folk Fest..??!