Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Typical Summer Outfit

I can't get enough of my high-waisted shorts. I don't care who makes fun of me for wearing them. This is one of my go-to outfits this summer.

Onesie: Forever 21
Shorts: No Excuses, thrifted

Belt: Thrifted

Shoes: Rialto Comfort

Hair Clip: Claire's

I am still in love with this onesie. It's perfect...except for when you have to use the bathroom. I really do wear these shoes pretty much every day now too.

I went thrifting today, but found nothing. I did contemplate buying tiny dinosaur-printed pillows, but decided against them because I would have no real place to put them to use. Part of me regrets not buying them--the dinosaur-loving part of me. I get a little too excited over dinosaurs. I blame this on being raised with the awesomeness of Jurassic Park as a child. So good!

There was a really cool lightning storm the other night and I managed to get a picture of it, although it's a pretty crappy one. I was going to go outside, but I didn't want to freak my parents out by creeping out at 2 in the morning. So this is the best I got from my bedroom window:

Storm-watching is always neat. I love lightning. I really want to get better pictures of it. It's just so fascinating! I went through a phase a couple of years ago where I'd watch The Weather Channel every morning while getting ready and put it on while I went to sleep at night. There was also a time in 7th grade when I thought about going into meteorology...then I grew up and realized how much math and advanced science you'd have to know to be a meteorologist. It's still incredibly interesting though!


  1. I love your high waisted shorts! Wear them proudly :) They're adorable. And that onsie is so cute!!! I agree, though, going to the bathroom is awfulll in them. ahh!

    And that lightning storm is so neat!! Nice picture!! Ahhh. I love watching storms more than anythinggg.

  2. I love that onesie! I've been eyeing it over at F21 for awhile...I just imagine it would go so well with everything!

  3. I love your pictures! You are such a pretty model! My fav is the first Sepia photo! You are a natural beauty. :] Storm-watching is awesome too! Seattle rains a lot, but not much stormy weather. So thanks for sharing that pic! :] I remember I used to be super scared of thunder - I still am a little, shhh. ;)

    Lovely blog!
    Erin :)

  4. you're too cute!! i love your outfit and photos!! i wish i could wear high waist short but unfortunately they look really funny on me wah :(

  5. i shouted "amen, sister" in my head to pretty much everything you said in this post. i wear high-waisted shorts like it's my job, even though people probably think i look like an old lady; i always think that wearing a romper is a good idea until i have my morning coffee or one too many glasses of wine; i am kind of obsessed with dinosaurs and like to append "-saur" randomly on the ends of words.

    also, i got a C in astronomy in college because i thought it would be looking at pretty stars and it turned out to be all kinds of crazy mathe-ma-goo (which isn't even remotely the same as meteorology, but you know, same idea).

    so... yeah. amen, sister :)

  6. I would wear that outfit including the daisy in your hair! I miss wearing shorts. It's rainy season here in Manila, which means mosquitoes! So shorts and skirts are generally tucked away in closets.

    A from A + B in the Sea

  7. Arent high waisted shorts the best? I have been living in mine this summer! Its definately my go-to outfit aswell hehe. You look amazing in these photos. I love the outfit! That top is super cute. Im fascinated by the weather...I used to love the weather channel too! So good. x