Monday, August 16, 2010


One thing I love about summer is cute little festivals or carnivals. My favorite part is the fried dough. :) Meaghan and I went to a local potato festival (it was really just a carnival) and I took a few pictures. I love pictures of carnival/amusement park structures, especially older ones.

[Meaghan won a frog!]

Hope everyone's weekend was maginificent! :)


  1. Oh I love the colors of the carnival! They are always so cheesy, but amazing at the same time!

  2. AW, so fun! I love carnivals so much. Im glad you had a great time and these photos are fantastic. The frog is cute! :)

  3. I loveeee going to the fair! It's my favorite :) These pictures are so bright and happy and summery :) it makes me excited for summer's end because the fair comes! yay!! :)

  4. these pictures are so gorgeous and so much fun! i adore going to carnivals. i love how this one has a vintage feel to it :)